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Sighting and Banding Records

2009 Blackenship. The Regional Reports (NAB).pdf pdf [925 KB]
2009 Anderson. Warblers Through Finches (The Regional Reports, FL).pdf pdf [1.11 MB]
2006 Isada. First Sight Record of KW in Cuba (NAB).pdf pdf [1.90 MB]
2006 Anon. Pictorial Highlights (N. American Birds).pdf pdf [526 KB]
2005 Petrucha. First Record of KW (MI Birds and Nat. History).pdf pdf [698 KB]
2005 Anderson. Warbers Through Finches (North American Birds).pdf pdf [554 KB]
2003 Brinkley. The Changing Seasons...(NAB).pdf pdf [405 KB]
2003 Bain. Ontario - Swallows Through Finches (NAB).pdf pdf [397 KB]
2003 Allair. Long Point Observatory (Atlantic Flyway Review).pdf pdf [2.22 MB]
2000 Cook and Forsythe. Two Sight Records...(The Chat).pdf pdf [2.19 MB]
1996 Dunakin. A Kirtland's Warbler in Paulding County (The Ohio Cardinal).pdf pdf [1.08 MB]
1995 North Carolina Bird Records Committee. Report of... (The Chat).pdf pdf [2.22 MB]
1995 Harian. A Brief History of KW in Ohio (The Ohio Cardinal).pdf pdf [2.01 MB]
1994 Pulcinella. Rare Bird Reports (Pennsylvania Birds).pdf pdf [1.26 MB]
1993 Sykes. Male KW with incubation patch (Wilson Bull).pdf pdf [201 KB]
1992 Potter and Radovsky. KW on the NC Coast...(Chat).pdf pdf [2.01 MB]
1991 Bain. Ontario Bird Records Committee Report (Ontario Birds).pdf pdf [867 KB]
1989 Sykes and Munson. Late Record of Kirtland's Warbler (The Jack Pine Warbler).pdf pdf [1.13 MB]
1989 Legler. 9-18 June 1988, Jackson County (Passenger Pigeon).pdf pdf [3.33 MB]
1987 Pierce. Crane Creek KW (Ohio Cardinal).pdf pdf [293 KB]
1985 Dunnell. Kirtland's Warbler at...(The Jack-pine Warbler).pdf pdf [819 KB]
1984 Langridge and Hunter. Kirtland's Warbler sighting ... (Florida Field Naturalist).pdf pdf [2.07 MB]
1983 Graber. Illinois Birds - Wood Warblers (IL Nat. Hist. Survey Bio Notes).pdf pdf [1.90 MB]
1982 Atherton. Florida Region - Vireos and Warblers (The Autumn Migration).pdf pdf [2.22 MB]
1981 Weir. Field Verification Report (Ontario Sighting).pdf pdf [1.42 MB]
1981 Breck. Indiana Audubon Bird Record (Sighting).pdf pdf [2.47 MB]
1980 Walkinshaw. Some Records...(Jack-pine Warbler).pdf pdf [872 KB]
1979 Kuch. In reply to your letter...(Sighting).pdf pdf [1.26 MB]
1979 Elwell. Allan's Cay Group....pdf pdf [1.68 MB]
1978 Malo. Natural History Field Observation.pdf pdf [2.08 MB]
1978 Hibbard and Aird. Records of KW in Canada.pdf pdf [537 KB]
1978 David and Gosselin. The Spring Migration...(American Birds).pdf pdf [1.02 MB]
1976 Walkinshaw. Kirtland's and Blackpoll...(Jack-pine Warbler).pdf pdf [120 KB]
1976 Hanson. Just Before Placing...(Audubon).pdf pdf [1.00 MB]
1976 Alvarez. Natural History Field Observation (Forida Sighting).pdf pdf [281 KB]
1975 Lane. Kirtland's Warbler in Mexico (American Birds).pdf pdf [56 KB]
1975 Greene and Janissen. Minnesota Birds....pdf pdf [1.09 MB]
1973 Mckenzie. KW Sighted in Somerset Co. (Audubon of W. Penn. Bull.).pdf pdf [1.11 MB]
1971 Parkes and Leberman. A KW Banded at Powdermill.pdf pdf [540 KB]
1968 Wallace. Another August Record...(Jack-Pine Warbler).pdf pdf [160 KB]
1968 Campbell. Birds of the Toledo Area.pdf pdf [1.08 MB]
1967 Hundley. Recent wintering records...(Auk).pdf pdf [135 KB]
1967 Faver. Kirtland's Warbler at Eastover, S.C. (Chat).pdf pdf [689 KB]
1967 Bernard. The Regional Reports (Audubon Field Notes).pdf pdf [1.07 MB]
1966 Bernard. The Regional Reports (Audubon Field Notes).pdf pdf [1.10 MB]
1965 Hiemez. Unusual Minnesota Records (The Loon).pdf pdf [1.08 MB]
1962 Challinor. Recent sight record...(The Wilson Bulletin).pdf pdf [63 KB]
1959 Woodford. Migrant Kirtland's Warbler Mist-netted (Bird Banding).pdf pdf [90 KB]
1958 Burleigh. KW (Georgia Birds).pdf pdf [2.18 MB]
1953 Faver. Rare Warblers in the Carolina (The Chat).pdf pdf [3.17 MB]