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KW Scientific Papers

date unknown Aird. The Dispersal of the KW -- Myths and Reality.pdf pdf [361 KB]
2012 Ewert et al. Duration and Rate of KW Spring Migration (Wilson Bulletin).pdf pdf [246 KB]
2010 Wunderle et al. Kirtland's Warblers in Anthropogenically Disturbed...(The Condor).pdf pdf [995 KB]
2010 Donner et al. Patch dynamics and the timing of colonization-abandonment events.pdf pdf [540 KB]
2010 Corace et al. Snag Longevity and Decay Class Development... (N. Journal of Appl. For.).pdf pdf [2.74 MB]
2010 Corace et al. Kirtland's Warbler Habitat Management and Multi-Species Bird Conservation.pdf pdf [1.06 MB]
2009 Spaulding and Rothstein. How well does Kirtland's warbler management emulate.pdf pdf [449 KB]
2009 Refsnider et al. 2008 Capture and Banding of KWs in WI (Passenger Pigeon).pdf pdf [81 KB]
2009 Grveles. The First Annual Census of KW in WI (Passenger Pigeon).pdf pdf [294 KB]
2009 Donner et al. Male KW patch-level response to ls during varying pop size and habitat.pdf pdf [385 KB]
2009 Corace et al. Ecological Forestry at National Wildlife Refuges (The Forestry Chronical).pdf pdf [212 KB]
2008 Hutto et al. What constitutes natural fire regime, ecology & distribution.pdf pdf [379 KB]
2008 Donner et al.Influence of habitat amount, arrangement, and use on population.pdf pdf [1.29 MB]
2007 Probst et al. Continuous, age-related plumage (Journal of Field Orn.).pdf pdf [381 KB]
2007 McCormick. Bird usage among managed jack pine stands in the KWMA.pdf pdf [722 KB]
2006 Leyequien et al. Capturing the fugitive (International Journal of Applied).pdf pdf [2.86 MB]
2006 Isada et al. First Sight Record of a Kirtland's Warbler in Cuba (North American Birds).pdf pdf [481 KB]
2005 Scott et al. Recovery of imperiled species under the ESA, the need for a new.pdf pdf [2.85 MB]
2005 Probst et al Comparing census methods (J Field Orn).pdf pdf [470 KB]
2005 King et al. Microsatellite DNA markers...(Molecular Ecology Notes).pdf pdf [2.14 MB]
2005 Currie et al. Winter Avian Distribution and Relative Abundance.pdf pdf [130 KB]
2005 Currie et al. Habitat Distribution of Birds Wintering in Central Andros.pdf pdf [176 KB]
2004 Lewis. Endangered Sp. and Island Biogeography - an introductory computational approach.pdf pdf [719 KB]
2004 Cleland et al. Characterizing historical and modern fire regimes in MI- a landscape approach.pdf pdf [440 KB]
2003 Walker et al. Landscape Ecosystems of the Mack Lake (Forest Science).pdf pdf [1.15 MB]
2003 Probst et al. Pop. increase in KW and summer range expansion to WI and MI-UP (Oryx).pdf pdf [261 KB]
2003 Probst and Donnerwright. Fire and Shade Effects (Am Midl. Nat.).pdf pdf [3.66 MB]
2003 Kashian et al. Landscape Ecosystems of Northern...(Forest Science).pdf pdf [2.69 MB]
2003 Kashian et al. Ecological species groups...(Plant Ecology).pdf pdf [11.30 MB]
2002 Leahy and Pregitzer. A Comparison of Presettlement and Present-day Forests" (Am. Midl. Nat).pdf pdf [669 KB]
2002 Houseman and Anderson. Effects of Jack Pine Plantation Management...(Restoration Ecology).pdf pdf [264 KB]
2001 Latta and Parkes. A Possible Dendroica Kirtlandii Hybrid... (Wilson Bull.).pdf pdf [144 KB]
2001 Deloria-Sheffield et al. Kirtland's Warbler Diet as Determined...(The Wilson Bulletin).pdf pdf [39 KB]
2001 De Groot and Smith. Community-wide Impacts of a Generalist Brood Parasite.pdf pdf [164 KB]
2000 Kashian and Barnes. Landscape influence on the spatial... (NRC Canada).pdf pdf [8.69 MB]
2000 Decapita. Brown-headed Cowbird Control...(from Ecology and Mngt of Cowbirds...).pdf pdf [9.08 MB]
1999 De Groot et al. Cowbird Removal Programs as Ecological Experiments.pdf pdf [2.42 MB]
1999 Bart et al. Evaluation of Mist-net...(Auk).pdf pdf [387 KB]
1998 Sykes and Clench. Winter Habitat of KW...(Wilson Bull.).pdf pdf [1.53 MB]
1998 Solomon. Public Support for...(Human Dimensions of Wildlife).pdf pdf [483 KB]
1998 Solomon. Impending Recovery of KW...(Env. Mngmt.).pdf pdf [521 KB]
1998 Haney et al. A Quantitative Analysis...(The Condor).pdf pdf [1.34 MB]
1997 Lee et al. A History, Biology and Re-evaluation...(Bahamas Journal of Science).pdf pdf [12.20 MB]
1996 Nelson and Buech. A test of 3 models of KW habitat suitability (WLS Bull).pdf pdf [1.30 MB]
1996 Marshall et al. Incorporating Environmental Uncertainty...(Conservation Biology).pdf pdf [12.20 MB]
1996 Kepler et al. The conservation management of Kirtland's Warbler.pdf pdf [2.55 MB]
1993 Wunderle and Waide. Distribution of Overwintering Nearctic Migrants...(The Condor).pdf pdf [2.21 MB]
1993 Probst and Weinrich. Relating KW Population to...(Landscape Ecology).pdf pdf [659 KB]
1993 Barnes. The Landscape Ecosysem Approach... (Endangered Species Update).pdf pdf [6.24 MB]
1992 Zou et al. Patten of KW occurrence...(Landscape Ecology).pdf pdf [428 KB]
1992 Robinson et al. Management Implications....pdf pdf [3.79 MB]
1992 Jakubauskas. Modeling Endangered Bird Sp. Habitat with... (ASPRS-ACSM Convention).pdf pdf [2.45 MB]
1991 Botkin et al. KW Habitats A Possible Early Indicator of Climatic Warming.pdf pdf [2.16 MB]
1990 Sykes et al. Evaluation of Three...(Wildl. Soc. Bull.).pdf pdf [8.87 MB]
1990 Niemi and Probst. Wildlife and Fire in the Upper Midwest.pdf pdf [3.90 MB]
1990 Miller and Conroy. Spot Satellite Imagery...(Wildlife Society Bulletin).pdf pdf [6.66 MB]
1989 Sykes. ATechnique to Prevent... (N. American Bird Bander).pdf pdf [215 KB]
1989 Sykes et al. KWs on the Nesting Grounds...(Wilson Bull.).pdf pdf [695 KB]
1989 Faanes and Haney. First Record of Kirtland's Warbler from the Dominican.pdf pdf [44 KB]
1989 Eliason. Kirtland's Warbler - Results of 1989...(The Loon).pdf pdf [5.20 MB]
1989 Eliason. Kirtland's Warbler - An Assessment of the Availability....pdf pdf [16.26 MB]
1989 Barnes et al. Ecosystem Structure and Vegetation of the Mack Lake Burn.pdf pdf [29.15 MB]
1989 Barnes and Zou2. Patterns of Kirtland's Warbler Occurence....pdf pdf [2.27 MB]
1989 Barnes and Zou. Patterns of Kirtland's Warbler Occurence....pdf pdf [35.22 MB]
1988 Pashley and Martin. The Contribution of Christmas...(American Birds).pdf pdf [3.18 MB]
1987 USFWS. Habitat Use, Movements, and Reproductive Success....pdf pdf [397 KB]
1987 Probst. The Effects of Tree Crown Cover and Fire....pdf pdf [4.13 MB]
1987 Probst. KW Breeding Biology and Habitat Mngmt.pdf pdf [455 KB]
1987 Probst and Hayes. Pairing Success of KWs in...(Auk).pdf pdf [604 KB]
1986 Probst. A Review of Factors Limiting the Kirtland's Warbler.pdf pdf [17.47 MB]
1986 Hayes. Effect of Mating Status...(The Condor).pdf pdf [317 KB]
1985 Walkinshaw. Birds Found in MI Jack-Pine...(Jack-Pine Warbler).pdf pdf [715 KB]
1985 Probst. Summer Records and Management...(Jack-pine Warbler).pdf pdf [1.45 MB]
1985 Probst. A Review of Factors Limiting...(American Midland Naturalist).pdf pdf [507 KB]
1985 Probst et al. Wildlife Management of the Jack Pine Type in the Lake States (draft).pdf pdf [3.16 MB]
1983 Probst. Population Limitation of the KW on the Breeding Grounds.pdf pdf [8.84 MB]
1982 Simard and Blank. Fire History of a Michigan....pdf pdf [4.22 MB]
1982 Kelly and DeCapita. Cowbird control and its effect...(Wilson Bulletin).pdf pdf [166 KB]
1982 Goodman. Age and Sexual Morphological...(The Jack-pine Warbler).pdf pdf [1.95 MB]
1982 Abrams and Dickmann. Early revegetation ofclear-cut and burned jack pine sites.pdf pdf [5.20 MB]
1981 Ryel. Population Change in the Kirtland's Warbler (The Jack-Pine Warbler).pdf pdf [13.19 MB]
1981 Mayfield. Problems in Estimating Population...(Studies in Avian Bio).pdf pdf [456 KB]
1980 Buech. Vegetation of a Kirtland's Warbler Breeding...(The Jack-Pine Warbler).pdf pdf [7.61 MB]
1979 Ryel. On the Population Dynamics... (Jack-pine Warbler).pdf pdf [1.56 MB]
1979 Brewer. Cross-fostering of a Wood Warbler.pdf pdf [26.10 MB]
1978 Probst. Study Plan -- The Breeding Habitat Requirements of the KW.pdf pdf [252 KB]
1978 Chamberlain. The Status of the Kirtland's Warbler in Canada.pdf pdf [11.18 MB]
1977 Walkinshaw. History of a Female Kirtland's" (Jack-pine Warbler).pdf pdf [352 KB]
1977 Mayfield. Brown-headed Cowbird...(American Birds).pdf pdf [7.76 MB]
1976 Anderson and Storer. Factors Influencing Kirtland's Warbler Nesting Success.pdf pdf [16.22 MB]
1975 Walkinshaw and Faust. 1974 Kirtland's Warbler Nesting Success.pdf pdf [290 KB]
1975 Shake and Mattsson. Three Years of Cowbird Control.pdf pdf [185 KB]
1975 Orr. 1974 Breeding Success... (Jack-Pine Warbler).pdf pdf [1.66 MB]
1975 Bull et al. Control of Cowbird Parasitism on Kirtland's Warbler....pdf pdf [2.05 MB]
1974 Walkinshaw and Faust. Some Aspects of KW Breeding Biology.pdf pdf [3.59 MB]
1974 Radabaugh. KW and Its Bahama...(Wilson Bull.).pdf pdf [1.96 MB]
1973 Clench. The Fall Migration Route...(The Wilson Bulletin).pdf pdf [540 KB]
1972 Radabaugh. Polygamy in the KW (Jack-pine Warbler).pdf pdf [3.39 MB]
1972 Radabaugh. Double broodedness in the KW (Bird-Banding).pdf pdf [112 KB]
1972 McGeen. Cowbird-Host Interactions.pdf pdf [1.73 MB]