2007 Irvine (to Radtke) Bob Radtke's Contributions.pdf pdf [110 KB]
2007 Hogrefe et al. KW Survey Methods Memo.pdf pdf [201 KB]
2007 Goebel (to Casselman). Please find enclosed....pdf pdf [240 KB]
2007 Deloria-Sheffield. Action Items from KW field tour.pdf pdf [50 KB]
2005 Thorson (to Ennis). Thank you for your Jan. 12, 2002 letter regarding the recovery....pdf pdf [888 KB]
2005 Sjogren (to Piehler). KW Reforestation Costs.pdf pdf [1.06 MB]
2005 Marzolo. Inventory on USFWS Lands.pdf pdf [39 KB]
2005 Ennis (to Thorson) In 2005, 1,418 singing male KWs were reported.pdf pdf [228 KB]
2005 Deloria-Sheffield (to DeCapita). Summary re Marquette Co..pdf pdf [436 KB]
2004 Czarnecki (to Christiansen). Interim Recommendations for the Raco Plains....pdf pdf [56 KB]
2003 DeCapita (to Winegrad). KW status and migration.pdf pdf [208 KB]
2002 Ennis (to Hartwig). The Kirtland's warbler population has increased steadily.pdf pdf [246 KB]
1999 Ennis (to Aird). Historical KWRT list.pdf pdf [476 KB]
1998 Weinrich (to Humphries). Bahamas Conection - KW.pdf pdf [541 KB]
1998 Sjorgren (to KWRT). KW Monitoring in the UP.pdf pdf [69 KB]
1998 Ewert (to Craig, others) Synopsis of Bahamas trip.pdf pdf [276 KB]
1997 Smith (to Decapita). 1997 WI KW surveys.pdf pdf [904 KB]
1997 Sjogren (to Howlett). KWRT Meeting.pdf pdf [97 KB]
1997 Sjogren (to Allbios). HNF KW Results 97.pdf pdf [21 KB]
1997 Ennis (to Hartwig). The KWRTwas advised....pdf pdf [708 KB]
1996 various. Letters Re winter habitat, etc..pdf pdf [820 KB]
1996 Wardle (BNT) (to USFWS). I have received a packet....pdf pdf [251 KB]
1996 Various Letters.pdf pdf [654 KB]
1996 Sjogren (to KWRT). KW Banding, Matedness in the UP.pdf pdf [42 KB]
1996 Letters Re KW in U.P..pdf pdf [140 KB]
1996 Franke (to Wooley). The 1996 KW Festival was held.pdf pdf [324 KB]
1996 Franke (to Cool). The 1996 KW Festival was held....pdf pdf [461 KB]
1996 Ennis (to Spinner). The KWRT.pdf pdf [188 KB]
1995 various. Letters Re U.P. range expansion, etc..pdf pdf [1.13 MB]
1995 Huber (to Friend of HNF) The Forest Service would like you to help....pdf pdf [1.68 MB]
1994 various. Letters Re private lands management, census, etc..pdf pdf [2.59 MB]
1994 Tansy (to Burgoyne). I have a few comments you should be aware of.pdf pdf [504 KB]
1994 Ennis (to Bocetti). During several past KWRT meetings....pdf pdf [300 KB]
1994 Aird (to Badder). The KWRT may be interested.pdf pdf [602 KB]
1993 Walkinshaw-Shake (to DNR Wildlife Div.) Dear Friends, Lawrence H. Walkinshaw....pdf pdf [963 KB]
1993 Mayfield (to Refsnider). I am sorry you will not be at the KW meeting....pdf pdf [843 KB]
1993 Basl (to Stangel). I represent the Chamber of Commerce....pdf pdf [255 KB]
1992 Jones (to cooperator). The 1992 search for singing male KWs....pdf pdf [560 KB]
1992 Jones (to KW Survey Volunteers). This letter is being sent....pdf pdf [566 KB]
1991 Woiwode (to Hickner). Thank you for allowing us to have input....pdf pdf [96 KB]
1991 Refsnider (to KW Supporter) KW PVA.pdf pdf [1.07 MB]
1991 Mayfield (to Barnes) and reply. This is just a note....pdf pdf [2.48 MB]
1991 Boushelle (to Williams). Thank you for your earlier letter....pdf pdf [383 KB]
1990 Tansy (to FWS Regional Dir.) KW Program.pdf pdf [460 KB]
1990 Ennis and Boushelle. At the 1990 KWRT meeting....pdf pdf [247 KB]
1990 Anon (to Hales). Over the past several months....pdf pdf [272 KB]
1989 Mayfield (to Engle, Radtke) As you set about revitalizing the KWRT....pdf pdf [918 KB]
1989 Marita (to Cheif USFS) Endangered Species - KW.pdf pdf [70 KB]
1989 Kolar (to Rubin). This is regarding our letter....pdf pdf [228 KB]
1989 Kolar (to Raad). This is in reponse to your June 27 1989 letter....pdf pdf [439 KB]
1989 Kepler (to O'connor). Past and Future KW Research.pdf pdf [1.69 MB]
1989 Gritman (to Mayfield). When Nels Johnson retired from MDNR....pdf pdf [885 KB]
1988 Probst (to Timber-Wildlife Staff). Wildlife Management of Jack pine Forest Type.pdf pdf [2.00 MB]
1988 Mayfield (to Brand). As a part of my long continued study of the KW....pdf pdf [383 KB]
1988 Jones (to Mayfield). Thanks very much for the clipping....pdf pdf [426 KB]
1987 Weinrich (to Huntington). After our inspection.pdf pdf [263 KB]
1987 Harmes (to Follrath). As indicated in my attached memo....pdf pdf [2.42 MB]
1987 Byelich (to Taylor, others). Instructions oto the KW Committee on Research.pdf pdf [400 KB]
1987 Byelich (to Nelson). The KWRT, at their February 18-19 meeting.pdf pdf [257 KB]
1987 Bails (to Follrath). This letter will confirm the continued interest of the DNR.pdf pdf [259 KB]
1986 Skoog (to Nelson). Please excuse the delay.pdf pdf [263 KB]
1986 Refsnider (to Acting Chief). Public Hearing on KWMA.pdf pdf [180 KB]
1986 Jarvis (to District Ranger). New Cowbird Traps.pdf pdf [551 KB]
1986 Harmes (to Eadie and others). KW Habitat Program.pdf pdf [914 KB]
1986 Engel (to Chief) Effects of hunting on DoD lands with reg to end and threat sp.pdf pdf [173 KB]
1986 Boushelle (to Schmidt). KW Land Acqisition Lists.pdf pdf [192 KB]
1985 Various Letters Re Habitat and Research Issues.pdf pdf [492 KB]
1985 Skoog (to Nelson). We are extremely pleased with the success.pdf pdf [441 KB]
1985 Norton (to Forest Supervisor). KW Habitat--River Rd. Fire Area.pdf pdf [1.03 MB]
1985 Koenings (to Director FWS) Land Acquisition Approval -- Increase in KW Habitat.pdf pdf [466 KB]
1985 Gritman (to FWS Director). Increased Acreage for KW.pdf pdf [669 KB]
1985 Elden (to Boushelle). Mngmt for the KW.pdf pdf [385 KB]
1985 Byelich, Mayfield. KW Letters.pdf pdf [5.74 MB]
1985 Author Unknown (to Skoog). RE-Michigan KW (Land Acquisition).pdf pdf [346 KB]
1984 Norton (to Forest Supervisor). River Rd. Fire Rehab.pdf pdf [1.04 MB]
1984 Mayfield, Others. KW Letters.pdf pdf [2.60 MB]
1984 Mayfield (to Byelich). This is perhaps a minor matter....pdf pdf [396 KB]
1984 Gritman (to Skoog). The USFWS has acquired approx. 3020 acres.pdf pdf [478 KB]
1983 Mayfield, Nisbet, Winter. Letters Re where to see KW.pdf pdf [1.91 MB]
1983 Mayfield (to Cuthbert). Here is the xeroxof the article....pdf pdf [289 KB]
1983 Johnson, Guenther. Transfer of Lands to MDMA.pdf pdf [427 KB]
1983 Gritman (to Skoog). Michigan KW.pdf pdf [846 KB]
1983 Carlson (to Elden). Jackpine Regeneration for KW.pdf pdf [1.00 MB]
1983 Assist. Regional Director FWS (to Regional Dir.). Admin of KWMAs.pdf pdf [459 KB]
1982 various (MDNR). ESA Violations by the Military.pdf pdf [581 KB]
1982 Ryel (to Probst). Congratulations! Your observation of a KW near Gwinn....pdf pdf [179 KB]
1982 LaBumbard (to Forest Supervisor). Mack Lake Fire Rehab Plan.pdf pdf [416 KB]
1982 Gritman, Parsons. Letters Re FWS land acquisition.pdf pdf [895 KB]
1982 Frid, Jarvis. Hunter's Lake Timber Sale.pdf pdf [1.14 MB]
1981 Various Letters Re Habitat Mngmt.pdf pdf [6.19 MB]
1981 Mann, LaBumbard. Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive....pdf pdf [238 KB]
1981 LaBumbard (to Simard). Location of Fuel Breaks (Mack Lake Fire).pdf pdf [365 KB]
1981 Byelich (to Mayfield, Nelson). Letters Re Research Committee and KW habitat.pdf pdf [2.60 MB]
1981 Byelich (to DeCapita). At our last Recovery Team meeting it was decided....pdf pdf [512 KB]
1980 various (USFWS). Letters Re land acquisition.pdf pdf [1.31 MB]
1980 Weinrich (to Johnson). Determination of KW Activity and Hab Pref After Nesting.pdf pdf [266 KB]
1980 Radtke (to Byelich). The team should recommend the KW.pdf pdf [23 KB]
1980 Probst (to Irvine) KW Habitat Management.pdf pdf [1.18 MB]
1980 Mayfield (to Wall Street Journal) It would be fruitless....pdf pdf [388 KB]
1980 Mayfield (to Storrs). Your letter reacked me on the eve....pdf pdf [220 KB]
1980 Mann, LaBumbard. Mack Lake Fire Rehab.pdf pdf [1.10 MB]
1980 Bredernitz (To FWS Regional Director) Request for I-FWS ID Number -- KWMA.pdf pdf [170 KB]
1979 various. Letters Re cowbird control, etc..pdf pdf [2.36 MB]
1979 Wingle (to Forest Supervisors). 1973 and 1978 ESA Comparison.pdf pdf [617 KB]
1979 Various Letters Re Habitat, Research, etc..pdf pdf [6.13 MB]
1979 Various Letters Re ESA Ammendments of 1978.pdf pdf [5.02 MB]
1979 Tody (to Nelson). This Dept. is prepared to support the federal KW land acquisition program.pdf pdf [467 KB]
1979 Tanner (to Johnston). My endangered sp. staff....pdf pdf [265 KB]
1979 Norton (to Forest Supervisor). As a line officer, it is my responsibility....pdf pdf [603 KB]
1979 Irvine (to District Rangers). Reference is made to Reedy's memo....pdf pdf [236 KB]
1979 Burns (to Forest Supervisor) KW Habitat Research.pdf pdf [528 KB]
1979 Aird, Mayfield,Others. Various KW Letters.pdf pdf [11.29 MB]
1978 various. Letters between MDMA-MNDR-USFWS.pdf pdf [2.95 MB]
1978 various. Letters between MDMA (Camp Grayling) - MDNR - USFWS.pdf pdf [1.87 MB]
1978 Zernickow (to Hemphill). Enclosed please find the signed copy....pdf pdf [232 KB]
1978 Sorenson (to LaBumbard) High Priority Acquisition sites....pdf pdf [36 KB]
1978 Sorenson (to Forest Supervisor). Full-tree Harvesting in KWMA.pdf pdf [438 KB]
1978 Sorenson (to District Rangers). Preliminary Acreages Identified as Essential Habitat for the KW.pdf pdf [365 KB]
1978 Mayfield, Zernickow, Others. Letters Re USFS-MAS Cooperative Agreement, etc..pdf pdf [9.01 MB]
1978 Mayfield (to Walkinshaw). At the meeting of the KWRT....pdf pdf [366 KB]
1978 Labumbard (to Johnson). Wayne Mann has asked me to respond....pdf pdf [205 KB]
1977 various. Letters between MDMA - MDNR - USFWS.pdf pdf [4.43 MB]
1977 various. Letters between MDMA (Camp Grayling) - MDNR - USFWS.pdf pdf [3.67 MB]
1977 various. Letters and Docs Re President's Directive on Critical Habitat....pdf pdf [6.44 MB]
1977 Mayfield (to Walkinshaw and reply). Letters Re research.pdf pdf [1.84 MB]
1977 Aird, Mayfield. Letters Re Ontario sighting.pdf pdf [2.27 MB]
1977 Aird, Clench, Others. Letters Re ON sighting, National Guard, MAS funding.pdf pdf [4.47 MB]
1976 various. Letters between MDMA - MDNR - USFWS.pdf pdf [7.70 MB]
1976 various. Letters between MDMA (Camp Grayling) - MDNR - USFWS.pdf pdf [7.77 MB]
1976 Mayfiled (to Walkinshaw). A couple days ago I spoke at Kirtland College.pdf pdf [785 KB]
1976 Mayfield, Others. KW Letters.pdf pdf [10.65 MB]
1976 Hemphill (to Johnston). On Aug 11, we received word...(Re Camp Grayling fire Concer Alert).pdf pdf [469 KB]
1976 Clark (to District Rangers). Definition of Critical Habitat for KWs.pdf pdf [153 KB]
1976 Byelich (to Mayfield) and reply. Just a note of interest.pdf pdf [1.24 MB]
1976 American Embassy Nassau (to Sec State DC). KW Winter Habitat Study.pdf pdf [193 KB]
1976 Walkinshaw (to Jones). This year we found 32 KW nests.pdf pdf [222 KB]
1975 various. Letters between MDMA - MDNR - USFWS.pdf pdf [6.15 MB]
1975 various. Letters Re Management Plan, etc..pdf pdf [3.48 MB]
1975 Walkinshaw (to Jones, Bird Banding Lab). My Master Bird Banding Permit.pdf pdf [480 KB]
1975 Tanner (to Johnston). I have enclosed a revised copy....pdf pdf [1.12 MB]
1975 Spear (to Radtke). As you are aware the USDI....pdf pdf [71 KB]
1975 Shapton (to Yoder). KW Closure Area.pdf pdf [107 KB]
1975 Mayfield (to KW Advisory Committee). Establishment of Recovery Team.pdf pdf [537 KB]
1975 Jones (to Clark and Orr). Under the Terms of Endangered Sp. Permit....pdf pdf [93 KB]
1975 Irvine (to KWAC). A new wildlife biologist....pdf pdf [42 KB]
1975 Byelich. The KWs are in trouble....pdf pdf [223 KB]
1975 Byelich (to Hemphill). As team leader for the KWRT.pdf pdf [1.51 MB]
1974 Walkinshaw (to Jones). The National Guard has conducted maneuvers...(Phonecall record).pdf pdf [292 KB]
1974 Various. Letters Re population decline factors, etc..pdf pdf [4.80 MB]
1974 Radtke (to Sandor). Follow up to our discussion....pdf pdf [42 KB]
1974 Nicholls (to Jones). Our Forest Survey people here at the station.pdf pdf [405 KB]
1974 Mayfield (to Philips). Our KW Committee has sponsored....pdf pdf [281 KB]
1974 Jones (to Walkinshaw). I have delayed responding....pdf pdf [651 KB]
1974 Hemphill (to Mayfield). Thank you for your letter of December 21....pdf pdf [434 KB]
1974 Cravens, Mayfield. Letters Re Accelerated Mngmt Plan.pdf pdf [88 KB]
1974 Cravens (to Forest Supervisors). ESA of 1973 and HR1157.pdf pdf [1.70 MB]
1973 Walkinshaw (to Mayfield). Your letter of Dec. 27....pdf pdf [447 KB]
1973 Sprunt (to Radtke). I haven't heard from you concerning....pdf pdf [219 KB]
1973 Schreiner (to Storer) This is a follow up to the recent conversation.pdf pdf [601 KB]
1973 Mayfield, Myers. Letters Re Michigan Nature Association land acquisition.pdf pdf [751 KB]
1973 Mayfield (to Zimmerman). In view of the particular interest....pdf pdf [278 KB]
1973 Mayfield (to KW Steering Committee) Meeting on August 27.pdf pdf [1.67 MB]
1973 Irvine (to Mayfield). I have contacted Miss Hays....pdf pdf [864 KB]
1973 Irvine (to Mayfield) and reply. Attached is a copy of a letter....pdf pdf [621 KB]
1973 Irvine (to Huron NF visitors). Thank you for inquiring about the KW....pdf pdf [575 KB]
1973 Irvine (to Forest Supervisor). KWMA.pdf pdf [364 KB]
1973 Hoelzle (to Irvine). For your information and consideration.pdf pdf [251 KB]
1973 Johnson (to Strong). Non-game species, KW additional responsibility.pdf pdf [404 KB]
1972 various. Letters Re early management.pdf pdf [15.64 MB]
1971 Wallace (to Storer). Bill Thompson has asked me.pdf pdf [624 KB]
1971 Von Bargen (to Thompson). Please relay our thanks....pdf pdf [368 KB]
1971 Thompson (to Von Bargen). The Board of Directors of the MAS....pdf pdf [193 KB]
1971 Shake (to Regional Director) Status of KW Pop in MI.pdf pdf [475 KB]
1971 Ryel (to Cuthbert). I checked in to my records of KWs on the Ogemaw site....pdf pdf [470 KB]
1971 Mayfield, Others. Various Letters Re KW Census.pdf pdf [11.04 MB]
1971 Letter to Burke from Hellman.pdf pdf [623 KB]
1971 LaBumbard (to Forest Supervisor). KWMA.pdf pdf [252 KB]
1971 Clench, Mayfield, Parkes. Letters Re KW Migration.pdf pdf [5.22 MB]
1971 Brigham, Callison, Others. Letters Re KW Pop Decline, etc..pdf pdf [11.37 MB]
1971 Acquisition and management of Kirtland's warbler habitat.pdf pdf [374 KB]
1970 various. Letters Re habitat road construction.pdf pdf [2.16 MB]
1970 Cuthbert (to Mayfield) and reply. Two days ago I was visited by two men.pdf pdf [854 KB]
1970 Black summary of presentation to Prime Minister of Bahamas.pdf pdf [751 KB]
1968 Mayfield, Radabaugh. Letters Re plantings, herbicide spraying.pdf pdf [4.68 MB]
1968 Irvine (to Mayfield). After four growing seasons....pdf pdf [2.18 MB]
1967 Miller (to James). If I knew who Herman Olson's replacement was....pdf pdf [262 KB]
1967 Mayfield (to Radabaugh). I was extremely interested in your summary....pdf pdf [1.53 MB]
1966 von Bargen, Svensen. Silvicultural Practices KWMA.pdf pdf [194 KB]
1966 von Bargen (to Regional Forester). Plans -- KW Interpretive Center.pdf pdf [233 KB]
1966 Svensen (to Russel). We recently had an opportunity to talk....pdf pdf [230 KB]
1966 Mayfield, Radabaugh, Svensen. Letters Re Cowbird research.pdf pdf [2.54 MB]
1966 Holden, Others. Various Letters.pdf pdf [6.64 MB]
1965 Mayfield, Others. Various Letters.pdf pdf [5.73 MB]
1965 Mayfield, Others. Letters Re Cowbird research, museum exhibit.pdf pdf [5.33 MB]
1965 Holden, Frothingham. Letters Re type nest monument.pdf pdf [619 KB]
1965 Holden (to Byelich). This is just to bring you up to date.pdf pdf [487 KB]
1964 Various letters re research, budworm control, prescribed fire, etc..pdf pdf [11.77 MB]
1964 Radabaugh (to Hall). I missed the conversation about a possible monument....pdf pdf [691 KB]
1964 Mayfield, Radabaugh, Janzen. Letters RE Occupied Habitat and ESPA.pdf pdf [4.21 MB]
1964 Mayfield, Others. Letters Re KW Research, etc..pdf pdf [29.27 MB]
1964 James (to Chief). Habitat (Endangered Sp. Areas).pdf pdf [829 KB]
1963 Various Letters Re KWMA Dedication Ceremony etc..pdf pdf [6.87 MB]
1963 Mayfield, Others. Letters Re KWMA dedication, etc..pdf pdf [2.21 MB]
1963 Holden, Frothingham, Others. Letters, Photos of 1903 Type-nest Search, etc..pdf pdf [12.81 MB]
1963 Byelich (to Curry). KW.pdf pdf [530 KB]
1962 various. Letters Re KWMA creation.pdf pdf [4.28 MB]
1962 Mayfield, Others. Letters Re KW Preserve Creation, Mngmt Plan.pdf pdf [13.27 MB]
1961 various. Letters Re KWMA manageement plan.pdf pdf [5.22 MB]
1961 Mayfield, Radabaugh, Berger. KW Letters.pdf pdf [1.59 MB]
1961 Mayfield, Others. Various Letters Re KW Preserve Creation and Habitat Mngmt Plan.pdf pdf [19.90 MB]
1961 Mayfield (to Pommerening). I was very much impressed.pdf pdf [969 KB]
1961 Berger (to Ryel). One of the most interesting results of the 1961 cenus.pdf pdf [178 KB]
1960 various. Letters Re KW preserve creation.pdf pdf [4.21 MB]
1958 Mayfield, Others. Letters Re KW Preserve Creation.pdf pdf [8.47 MB]
1957 Ryel. Kirtland warbler management area.pdf pdf [848 KB]
1957 Michigan Audubon (to Dept. of Conservation) Preserve Creation Memo.pdf pdf [1.07 MB]
1957 Mayfield, Others. Letters Re KW Preserve Creation.pdf pdf [14.51 MB]
1957 Mayfield (to McIntire). KW Preserve.pdf pdf [204 KB]
1956 Mayfield, Others. Various letters Re KW Preserve Creation.pdf pdf [18.75 MB]
1955 Mayfield (to Van Tyne) and replies. Letters Re idea of creating a KW preserve.pdf pdf [2.72 MB]
1951 Mayfield, Others. Various Letters Re First KW Census.pdf pdf [9.47 MB]
1951 Mayfield, Others. First Census Instructions, Results and Letters.pdf pdf [14.13 MB]
1950 Griscom (to Van Tyne). It so happens....pdf pdf [622 KB]