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date unknown USFS. Prescribed Burning Unit Plan for the KWMA.pdf pdf [1.86 MB]
date unknown MDNR. The USFWS over the past 14 years....pdf pdf [558 KB]
date unknown Anon. Status Report of KW Planning ESA of 1973.pdf pdf [8.85 MB]
date unknown Anon. Management Directions for Designated Critical Habitat.pdf pdf [2.11 MB]
2010 USFS. EA Baraga Plains Restoration Project (Ottawa NF).pdf pdf [5.31 MB]
2010 Sjogren. Technical Guide KW Habitat Mngmt HNF.pdf pdf [3.99 MB]
2009 USFWS. Summary Draft CCP and EA.pdf pdf [393 KB]
2009 USFWS. Comprehensive Conservation Plan.pdf pdf [4.39 MB]
2006 USFS. Ottawa NF Forest Plan Chapter 2.pdf pdf [323 KB]
2006 USFS. Hiawatha NF Forest Plan Chapter 2, 2300.pdf pdf [2.56 MB]
2006 Environment Canada. Recovery Strategy for the Kirtland's Warbler in Canada..pdf pdf [522 KB]
2006 Environment Canada. Recovery Strategy (French).pdf pdf [632 KB]
2006 DeCapita (to KWRT). KW Recovery Plan Revision.pdf pdf [1.02 MB]
2005 USFS. Planning for a KW Mngmt Strategy for the Hiawatha.pdf pdf [1.70 MB]
2005 USFS (Hiawatha NF). Approved Changes to Forest and Mngmt Area KW.pdf pdf [1.23 MB]
2004 USFS (Hiawatha NF). Raco Plains Ecosystem Mngmt EA.pdf pdf [5.42 MB]
2003 USFWS. Wildland Fire Mngmt Plan KWMA.pdf pdf [26.20 MB]
2001 KWRT. White paper.pdf pdf [13 KB]
2001 Huber et al. Strategy for KW Habitat Management.pdf pdf [1.51 MB]
2000 MNFI. North Camp Grayling Pine Barrens Mngmt Plan.pdf pdf [19.26 MB]
1999 Huber et al. Strategy for KW Habitat Management (draft).pdf pdf [8.85 MB]
1999 Anon. Kirtland's Warbler Recovery Plan for South Florida.pdf pdf [56 KB]
1997 USFWS. Camp Grayling BiOp Range 30 Complex.pdf pdf [490 KB]
1996 USFS. EA for KW Habitat Mngmt Amendment Huron-Manistee.pdf pdf [2.13 MB]
1996 Huber et al. KW Habitat Management Strategy (draft).pdf pdf [900 KB]
1986 USFS. Mack Lake Research Discussion.pdf pdf [1.37 MB]
1985 USFS. General Management Review Huron-Manistee NF.pdf pdf [1.86 MB]
1985 KWRT. Kirtland's Warbler Recovery Plan.pdf pdf [5.29 MB]
1983 USFWS. KW Land Protection Plan.pdf pdf [6.42 MB]
1981 USFS, MDNR. Management Plan for KW Habitat.pdf pdf [111.26 MB]
1980 FL Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. Participation Schedule....pdf pdf [377 KB]
1980 Anon. Opposed Wave Pattern for KW Plantings.pdf pdf [654 KB]
1979 USFWS. KW Habitat -- An Acquisition Proposal.pdf pdf [4.84 MB]
1979 Anon. Status of Development KWHMP.pdf pdf [566 KB]
1979 Anon. MI State Forests Scheduled Management.pdf pdf [730 KB]
1976 KWRT. KW Recovery Plan.pdf pdf [42.89 MB]
1974 USFS. KW - An Accelerated Mngmt Plan....pdf pdf [210 KB]
1974 USDI. Guidelines for Recovery Plans and Teams.pdf pdf [5.15 MB]
1972 BSFW. Draft Recovery Plan for the KW.pdf pdf [2.01 MB]
1971 Irvine. Proposed Interim Plan for Managing the KW....pdf pdf [1.53 MB]
1970 von Bargen. A Statement on the Proposed Changes....pdf pdf [208 KB]
1966 Banks et al. Study Plan for Prescribed Burning Study....pdf pdf [722 KB]
1964 USFS. Prescribed Burning Unit Plan.pdf pdf [1.03 MB]
1962 Nixen et al. Mngmt Plan for the KWMA.pdf pdf [10.10 MB]
1961 Nixen et al. Draft Summary KWMA.pdf pdf [1.43 MB]