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State of the Birds - DoD pdf [345 KB]
Birds and Tanks: Military bases protect habitat and species around the country pdf [757 KB]

by Peter Stangel. WildBird Magazine, Sept/Oct 2010. Posted with copyright permission from BowTie Inc., Peter Stangel, Brian E. Small, and Maslowski Wildlife Productions.

Grass is Singing Over the Tumbled Graves pdf [1.02 MB]

High Country News, May 2010 (White Sands Missile Range and Hanford Site)

Midnight at the Iraqi Oasis: OOS Member Guards Birds with Ohio National Guard pdf [342 KB]

by Major Randel Rogers, Logistics Officer, 371st Sustainment Brigade, Al Anbar Province, Iraq. The Cerulean (Ohio Ornithological Society), Fall 2008

National Wildlife magazine

Bases Loaded pdf [2.45 MB]

by Laura Tangley. Oct/Nov 2005

Birding magazine (American Birding Association)

Winging It newsletter (American Birding Association)

Birding on Vandenberg, CA pdf [8.18 MB]

(May 2003)

Birding on Eglin, FL pdf [5.01 MB]

(October 2003)

Birding on Cutler, ME pdf [433 KB]

(October 2004)

Birding on Winter Harbor, ME pdf [337 KB]

(November 2004)

Birding on Fort Belvoir, VA pdf [7.20 MB]

April 2004

Birding on Fort McCoy, WI pdf [205 KB]

 (May/June 2005)

Birding on Fort Drum, NY pdf [229 KB]

(July/Aug 2006)

Proceedings of the Third International Partners in Flight Conference

Bird Conservation Implemetation and Integration in the Americas
Asilomar, California, 20-24 March 2002
The Conservation and Management of Migratory and Resident Birds and their Habitats on Department of Defense Lands pdf [356 KB]

Joe Hautzenroder

Supporting Habitat Management for Bird Conservation Planning on Fort Belvoir, Virginia pdf [339 KB]

Richard A. Fischer, Chris Eberly, and Dorothy Keough

Radar Ornithology and the Conservation of Migratory Birds pdf [1.89 MB]

Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr. and Carroll G. Belser

Evaluating Partners in Flight Partnership Lands in the Mid-Atlantic Region: Converting Conservation Plans into Conservation Actions pdf [292 KB]

Bryan D. Watts and Dana S. Bradshaw

Bird Conservation magazine (American Bird Conservancy)

Endangered Species Bulletin

Fall 2015, Wildlife Stewardship & National Defense
Thinking Outside the Shell pdf [303 KB]

Tom Savre

Vandenberg Air Force Base Helps Plover Recovery Take Off pdf [215 KB]

Larry Hill

Military Training and Wildlife Conservation Meet at Camp Blanding pdf [248 KB]

Paul Catlett

July 2006, Species Conservation on Department of Defense Lands
    Complete issue pdf [3.38 MB]
    Cover and Table of Contents pdf [224 KB]
    Defense and Conservation: Compatible Missions pdf [294 KB]

    Peter Boice

    Fort Riley's Prairie Partnership pdf [63 KB]

    Alan Hynek

    Woodpeckers Find a Home at Fort Bragg pdf [394 KB]

    Jacqueline J. Britcher

    Of Tanks and Birds pdf [114 KB]

    Charles E. Pekins

    Managing Habitat for Owls at Fort Huachuca pdf [166 KB]

    Chris Eberly and Sheridan Stone

    DoD Develops Sound Monitoring Efforts pdf [160 KB]

    Alison Dalsimer and John Thigpen

    November/December 2000, Species and Habitats on Department of Defense Lands
    Cover and Table of Contents pdf [111 KB]
    The Department of Defense and Endangered Species pdf [102 KB]

    Peter Boice

    Safeguarding Hawaii's Endangered Stilts pdf [55 KB]

    Diane Drigot

    A Partnership for Peregrines pdf [64 KB]

    Skip Ambrose and Chris Eberly

    Seebees Renovate Habitat for Endangered Birds pdf [64 KB]

    Rebecca M. K. Hommon and Donna Stovall

    Navy Saves Old Growth for Murrelets pdf [63 KB]
    Terns Share Naval Surface Warfare Center pdf [46 KB]

    Jim Sartain

    The Birds of Fort Hood pdf [50 KB]

    Ben Ikenson

    Hawk Migration Association of North America

    Federal Facilities Environmental Management Journal

    Navy Currents magazine

    Spotlight on The Nature Conservancy pdf [933 KB]

    Bob Barnes, Senior Policy Advisor, Discusses What's Behind Successful Collaborations with the Navy (Spring 2006)