DoD Partners in Flight (DoD PIF)

Research and Monitoring Working Group

The Research and Monitoring Working Group identifies avian research and monitoring priorities of highest relevance to mission requirements, provides technical support to installations, and recommends focused solutions.

         Working Group Goals

  • Develop ideas and projects to facilitate bird and habitat-related research projects important to DoD
  • Contribute DoD data to national and regional bird conservation projects
  • Develop partnerships with leaders in emerging fields of research, such as the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program/Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (SERDP/ESTCP), and others
  • Promote the use of Coordinated Bird Monitoring Plan Technical Recommendations, including standardized protocols and methodologies for bird monitoring, data entry, and archiving
  • Provide technical assistance to installation biologists so DoD monitoring efforts provide pertinent data for INRMPs, NEPA documents, ESA consultations, and overall migratory bird and bird habitat management
  • Identify and resolve questions relevant to avian monitoring on military installations
  • Participate in AKN through the Federal Avian Data Center to access best available information, data, and decision support tools
  • Support to fill critical avian data gaps with scientific inquiry and partnership

For questions, please contact the Working Group Chair Rich Fischer.