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KW Reports

date unknown NFWF. Initiative Assessment KW.pdf pdf [807 KB]
date unknown Cuthbert and Radabaugh. Tables and Figures.pdf pdf [3.27 MB]
date unknown Anon. Forest Fires Huron NF 1942-1960.pdf pdf [784 KB]
Date Unknown Smith and Prince, MSU Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife.pdf pdf [31.36 MB]
Date Unknown Hough, Hedlund, Mayfield. KW as State Bird Boy Scouts Article and Report.pdf pdf [439 KB]
Date Unknown - Anon. KW Research Master Plan.pdf pdf [1.42 MB]
2010 USFWS. Wisconsin KW Update.pdf pdf [121 KB]
2010 USFWS. Wisconsin KW 2010 Season Summary.pdf pdf [305 KB]
2010 USFS. Ottawa NF 2009 Monitoring and Evaluation Report.pdf pdf [1.37 MB]
2010 KWRT. Searching and Monitoring Protocol for KW in Canada.pdf pdf [457 KB]
2009 USFWS. Wisconsin KW 2009 Season Summary.pdf pdf [319 KB]
2009 USFWS. Spotlight Species Action Plan KW.pdf pdf [37 KB]
2009 USFS. Ottawa NF 2008 Monitoring and Evaluation Report.pdf pdf [1.86 MB]
2008 Anon. Wisconsin Kirtlands warbler Summary.pdf pdf [336 KB]
2007 Goebel et al. Ecological Assessment of the USDI FWS KW Wildlife Mngmt Area.pdf pdf [19.65 MB]
2007 Cornell Lab of Orn.Restoring North America's Migratory Birds.pdf pdf [973 KB]
2006 USFS, MDNR, USFWS. KW Habitat Improvement Program Spreadsheet.pdf pdf [82 KB]
2006 Muladore et al. Conservation Planning for the Grayling Subdistrict of MI.pdf pdf [2.50 MB]
2005 USFS (Hiawatha NF). KW Biological Assessment.pdf pdf [9.67 MB]
2005 USFS (Hiawatha NF). BA-BE Effects Narrative.pdf pdf [9.93 MB]
2005 Ewert. Wintering Kirtland's Warblers found on Michigan breeding grounds.pdf pdf [9.89 MB]
2005 Ewert. Report to USFWS.pdf pdf [2.94 MB]
2005 Berrang and Saberniak. Jack Pine Seeding Study.pdf pdf [386 KB]
2005 Anon. Progress Report Jack Pine Wildlife Viewing Tour.pdf pdf [3.58 MB]
2004 Siegle and Ahlers. Brown-headed cowbird management techniques manual.pdf pdf [2.89 MB]
2004 Kiska. Kirtland's Warbler Festival 2004.pdf pdf [587 KB]
2004 Anon. KW Habitat Improvement Program.pdf pdf [119 KB]
2003 KW tour survey results.pdf pdf [103 KB]
2003 KW Census U.P..pdf pdf [248 KB]
2003 KW Assessment for the Hiawatha NF.pdf pdf [3.76 MB]
2002 Wunderle et al. KW Observations Trip 1 (Bahamas).pdf pdf [649 KB]
2002 Petrucha. KIWA MAPS Station Summary 2000-2002.pdf pdf [535 KB]
2002 MDNR. KW Census.pdf pdf [114 KB]
2002 KWRT. Winter Meeting in Bahamas.pdf pdf [522 KB]
2001 USFWS. KW Tour and BHCO Control Results.pdf pdf [868 KB]
2001 Mensing. Annual Report of the Brown-headed Cowbird Control Program....pdf pdf [696 KB]
2001 MDNR. KW Census.pdf pdf [108 KB]
2001 Huber et al. 2001 Kirtland's Warbler Census Report.pdf pdf [12.70 MB]
2000 Mayfield. History of Kirtland's Warbler Preserve Efforts.pdf pdf [118 KB]
2000 James. COSEWIC Assessment and Update on the Kirtland's Warbler in Canada.pdf pdf [276 KB]
1999 Sjogren. Hiawatha NF 1999 KW Program Summary.pdf pdf [353 KB]
1999 MDNR. KW Census.pdf pdf [75 KB]
1999 Louisias (USFWS). Summary of Recovery Efforts KW 1999.pdf pdf [3.04 MB]
1999 James. Update COSEWIC Status Report on the Kirtland's Warbler in Canada.pdf pdf [5.20 MB]
1998 USFS. KW Survey Munising Ranger District.pdf pdf [63 KB]
1998 Anon. KW Banding Summary.pdf pdf [63 KB]
1997 USGS. Number of KWs Banded at Each Site 1995-1997.pdf pdf [267 KB]
1997 USGS. KW Genetics Data Collection.pdf pdf [450 KB]
1997 Ewert. Synopsis of MI trip (with BNT Partners).pdf pdf [1.09 MB]
1997 Deloria (USFWS). Summary of Recovery Efforts KW 1996.pdf pdf [2.11 MB]