National Defense Center for Energy & Environment (NDCEE)

Active NDCEE Projects


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NDCEE advances technologies by performing Demonstration/Validation tests and Technology Transition projects through a direct funding process. Starting with FY16, the NDCEE conducted a formal project selection process through its focus groups and technical working group. NDCEE’s active projects are listed below. 


  • DBX-1 – Demonstration of Replacement for Lead in Military Munitions Detonators 
  • Environmentally-Compliant Inorganic Materials for Corrosion and Wear Protection of Structural Metals on Military Aircraft and Weapon Systems
  • Elimination of Perchlorate and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) from the M662 Red Star Parachute Signal 
  • Novel Bioaugmented Sorption Treatment Technology for CVOCs and 1,4-Dioxane
  • Green Machining (GM) of Multi-Service Weapons by 3D Waterjet
  • Autonomous Monitoring for Threatened and Endangered Species on Ranges
  • Deployable Water Metering and Monitoring System for Multi-Domain Operations (KETOS)
  • Wastewater Evaporators as Aqueous Film-Forming Foam Mitigation Strategy at Firefighting Training
  • Mobile Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Removal System to Support Warfighter Aircrafts and Carriers
  • Remote Emergency Generator Monitoring
  • An Innovative Plasma Technology for Treatment of PFAS-Impacted Waters
  • Environmental DNA Surveillance of Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Picogrid for Remote Information Transfers
  • Improved Efficiency of Artificial Roosts as a Management and Mitigation Tool for Threatened and Endangered Bats
  • Destruction of PFAS Contaminated Water using Super Critical Oxidation


Safety and Occupational Health