Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School Environmental Training

Optimizing Remedy Selection & The Site Closeout Process

Course Offerings

Offering No. CDP CIN N74 ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING COURSES Start Date End Date Location
23010 4147 A-4A-0089 Optimising Remedy Selection & the Site Closeout Process 8-Aug-23 10-Aug-23 SAN DIEGO, CA (In Person)

Course Description

This course provides instruction on making technically sound and cost effective remedial action decisions for Navy and Marine Corps environmental restoration sites in a manner consistent with regulatory and Navy/Marine Corps policy requirements. Attendees will learn how to: conduct remedy footprint analysis using SiteWise ™ during remedy evaluation; identify and implement Green Sustainable Remediation opportunities at every phase of the ER process; select the appropriate remedies to cleanup a site; optimize remedial action operation (RAO) and long-term management (LTM); and identify elements of the decision documents needed to achieve site closeout.

This course has been comprehensively updated for 2019 and will have three course offerings during FY2019.

Personnel Eligible

Civilian and contractor personnel responsible for environmental cleanup and long term management of Navy and Marine Corps Hazardous waste sites.

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