Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School Environmental Training

Environmental Background Analysis

Course Offerings

Offering No. CDP CIN N74 ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING COURSES Start Date End Date Location
23010 645H A-4A-0092 Environmental Background Analysis 2-May-23 4-May-23 Virtual

Course Description

Environmental Background Analysis focuses on technically differentiating between site-related releases and background conditions. These analyses can enhance the efficiency of response actions by focusing risk assessments and remediation on site-related releases. This 2-day course is intended to familiarize students with environmental background analytical procedures, issues, and challenges.  Content includes basic definitions and methodologies associated with background analyses, regulatory requirements, negotiation issues, and case studies.

A comprehensively updated course will be presented in 2019.

Personnel Eligible

Environmental Restoration Program RPMs, BRAC Environmental Coordinators, UST EIC's, and all Department of Defense personnel responsible for assessing or managing risks associated with environmental contamination at Navy /Marine Corps Hazardous waste sites.