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Welcome to the Department of Defense Sustainable Products Center

DoD's Sustainable Products Center (SPC) is an independent virtual center or focal point that integrates information on sustainable products and serves as DoD's informational repository for these products and their respective performances to include demonstrations of alternative green sustainable products and services conducted at DoD installations.

  • The SPC Team conducts outreach activities to include site visits to various military installations in order to collect information on areas of need for sustainable alternatives.
  • The Team identifies and evaluates Sustainable Alternatives against existing Military Specifications or Government requirements, and then selects the viable candidates for Pilot demonstrations at DoD installations in which the proposed sustainable alternatives will be evaluated side by side with the currently used non-sustainable ones.
  • The SPC Website hosts demonstration results, success stories, technical data and lessons learned.

The SPC also serves as a forum for DoD personnel to submit questions regarding sustainable procurement and to share success stories. The intent of these actions is to improve compliance with FAR and DoD policies while increasing sustainable offerings and enhancing mission readiness.

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Please provide us with your name, title, installation, and the urgency of your question and the SPC will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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