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Sustainable Product Demonstrations

The SPC identifies sustainable product need areas through outreach activities to Department of Defense (DoD) Installations, Military Departments and Department of Defense (DoD) Components. The SPC reviews these need areas to identify sustainable product demonstration opportunities. The SPC then examines performance requirements, identifies sustainable demonstration products and performs product demonstrations in coordination with demonstration stakeholders.

Demonstration Stakeholders

  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  • Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Installations and Environment)(ODUSD[I&E])
  • Installation personnel (leadership, environmental, procurement, end users)
  • Service Engineering Activities and Program Managers
  • Specification custodians, preparing activities, and qualification activities
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Sustainable product manufacturers

Demonstration Approach

  • Identify product need areas / applications through outreach to DoD installations, Military Departments and DoD Components
  • Engage DoD installations as potential demonstration sites
  • Identify associated equipment and processes
  • Work with Stakeholders to establish requirements for candidate demonstration products
  • Identify potential demonstration products and engage product manufacturers
  • Evaluate products versus established requirements to select candidates for demonstration
  • Develop a demonstration plan to outline demonstration activities, target technical requirements, site preparation and equipment requirements, procedures and parameters, data collection procedures, demonstration schedule and responsibilities of all organizations involved in the demonstrations
  • Coordinate demonstration activities and compile demonstration results
  • Develop a demonstration report to document demonstration activities, analyze collected data, and provide the results of the demonstration
  • Engage stakeholders to recommend NSNs for successfully demonstrated sustainable products
  • Perform outreach activities to increase the awareness of sustainable products across DoD

Please Contact Us if you have a sustainable product need and would like to participate in a sustainable product demonstration.