DoD Sustainable Products Center

Welcome to the Department of Defense Sustainable Products Center

DoD's Sustainable Products Center (SPC) is an independent virtual center or focal point that integrates information on sustainable technologies and serves as DoD's informational repository for these technologies and their performance. The site provides performance information from demonstrations of sustainable technologies and products conducted at DoD installations, including results, success stories, technical data, and lessons learned. The SPC is managed by the DoD Sustainable Technology Evaluation and Demonstration (STED) Program.  

The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment (OASD(S)), as directed by Congress, established the DoD STED Program to evaluate, demonstrate, and transition sustainable technologies and products with a focus on operational readiness, resiliency, security, and cost effectiveness. The STED Program builds upon the success of previous technology pilot programs to evaluate and demonstrate sustainable technologies and products for potential use by the DoD installation personnel. The objectives of the DoD STED Program are to: 

  • Identify emerging sustainable technologies that meet pressing DoD needs
  • Evaluate technical data of sustainable alternatives against Military Specifications and other Government requirements; 
  • Conduct demonstrations at DoD installations and other Federal agency facilities to prove these sustainable technologies in operational environments, compare them to traditional products, and transition successful technologies Government-wide. 

The STED Program Team conducts outreach by holding sustainability expos at DoD and other Federal agency facilities to showcase sustainable technologies to installation personnel, facilitate government attendee interaction with sustainable technology manufacturers, and identify additional sustainable technology need areas. 

The SPC also serves as a forum for DoD and other Federal agency personnel to submit questions regarding sustainable procurement and to share success stories. In addition, DoD and other Federal agency personnel can submit sustainable technology needs for potential evaluation by the DoD STED Program. The intent of these offerings is to improve compliance with FAR and DoD policies while increasing sustainable offerings and enhancing mission readiness.