DoD Legacy Resource Management Program


Development of Mission Avoidance Zones in the Eglin Gulf Test and Training Range - Literature/Results Review, November 2005 (Legacy 05-270)
05-1717 Fact Sheet: DoD Partners in Flight Program Management (Legacy 05-1717) pdf [501 KB]
05-280 Fact Sheet: Actions to Abate Critical Threats, such as Encroachment and Invasive Species, Using GIS and Conservation Area Planning Across the GCPEP Landscape - Phase I (Legacy 05-280) pdf [98 KB]
05-279 Fact Sheet: Compatible Land Use Planning and Stakeholder Engagement Implementation Process (Legacy 05-279) pdf [66 KB]
05-278 Fact Sheet: Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability Mapping Effort (Legacy 05-278) pdf [235 KB]
05-275 Fact Sheet: Cooperative Conservation National and Regional Conference and Workshop Support (Legacy 05-275) pdf [57 KB]
05-273 Fact Sheet: Biodiversity Outreach Toolkit: Sustaining the Mission, Securing the Legacy (Legacy 05-273)
05-270 Fact Sheet: Development of Mission Avoidance Zones in the Eglin Gulf Test and Training Range (Legacy 05-270) pdf [252 KB]
05-264 Fact Sheet: Multi-Species Management Using Modeling and Decision Theory: Applications to Integrated Natural Resource Management Planning (Legacy 05-264) pdf [481 KB]
05-258 Fact Sheet: Support Southwest Strategy Threatened and Endangered Species Program Managers (TEPM) Team (Legacy 05-258)
05-255 Fact Sheet: Desert Tortoise Head Starting Project - Early Phase, Edwards Air Force Base, California (Legacy 05-255) pdf [111 KB]
05-252 Fact Sheet: Reintroduction of Prescribed Fire in Coastal Plain Ecosystems to Reduce Wildland Fire Risk (Legacy 05-252) pdf [197 KB]
05-250 Fact Sheet: Linking Science and Policy Through an Adaptive Management Approach -The San Pedro River (Legacy 05-250)
05-249 Fact Sheet: Front Range Eco-Regional Partnership (Legacy 05-249) pdf [92 KB]
05-247 Fact Sheet: Revision of DoD Biodiversity Conservation Handbook - Phase I (Legacy 05-247) pdf [74 KB]
05-245 Fact Sheet: Migratory Bird Monitoring Using Automated Acoustic and Internet Technologies (Legacy 05-245) pdf [63 KB]
05-243 Fact Sheet: Migratory Linkages of Burrowing Owls on DoD Installations and Adjacent Lands (Legacy 05-243) pdf [838 KB]
05-240 Fact Sheet: Maintaining and Implementing Sustainable INRMPs Course (Legacy 05-240) pdf [75 KB]
05-232 Fact Sheet: Demonstration of an Acoustic Warning System to Alert Manatees of Approaching DoD Vessels (Legacy 05-232) pdf [72 KB]
05-186 Fact Sheet: Modeling Overwintering Survival of Declining Landbirds on Department of Defense Installations (Legacy 05-186) pdf [654 KB]
05-158 Fact Sheet: Grand Bay-Banks Lake Stewardship Partnership - Phase II (Legacy 05-158) pdf [201 KB]

November 2006. Summarizes this project that involved the development of preliminary hydrological and fire management plans for the area as well as a monitoring plan to track the impacts of management action or inaction on the rare species and natural communities found at GBBL.

Fact Sheet: Conserving Integral Units of Chihuahuan Desert Biodiversity (Legacy 05-112)
Fact Sheet: Identifying Management Strategies for Reversing Declines of Neotropical Landbirds of Conservation Concern on Military Installations (Legacy 05-103)

This document summarizes a project that gathered information on declining BCC Neotropical land birds to ultimately develop land management recommendations for DoD lands in the southeastern U.S. This Legacy-funded project utilized the Monitoring of Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) program to provide critical demographic data on 100+ species in the eastern and central US, which will be the basis for subsequent landscape management strategies to be employed in DoD installations in that region.

05-48 Fact Sheet: The Performance of Reefs Constructed from Military Armored Vehicles (Legacy 05-48) pdf [38 KB]
Fact Sheet: Working with State Legislators - A Guide for Military Installations and State Legislators (Legacy 04-235) pdf [57 KB]
Fact Sheet: Working with Land Trusts - A Guide for Military Installations and Land Trusts (Legacy 04-234) pdf [52 KB]
Fact Sheet: Wildland Fire Risk Assessment of Western Military Installations (Legacy 04-230) pdf [617 KB]
Fact Sheet: Georgia Species at Risk (Legacy 04-154)