DoD Legacy Resource Management Program


Fact Sheet: Enhancement of Reference Collections for Bird Strike Identifications - Phase II (Legacy 03-144) pdf [86 KB]
Regional Ecosystem Management in the North Carolina South Hills (Legacy 02-161) pdf [73 KB]
Fact Sheet: Near Surface Sound Propagation, a Key to Alerting Right Whales of Approaching DoD Ships (Legacy 02-145) doc [231 KB]

This document summarizes a project that measured bow hull effects and acoustic shadowing in order to ultimately develop practical warning systems for sea vessels approaching Right Whales and other marine mammals.

Fact Sheet: Identifying Management Actions on Department of Defense Bases to Reverse the Declines in Neotropical Birds (Legacy 02-103) pdf [54 KB]
Fact Sheet: Developing a Model SAV Project for DoD Installations in the Chesapeake Bay (Legacy 02-60)

This document summarizes a project that involved a 2 day workshop and resulted in a comprehensive SAV restoration handbook for military installations within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Field Evaluation of Chemical Methods for Brown Tree Snake Management pdf [121 KB]
Fact Sheet: DDT Contamination of Migrating Birds Using White-Faced Ibis as an Indicator Species (Legacy 03-1875) pdf [70 KB]
Fact Sheet: Model Invasive Species Control Project: Yellow Starthistle (NR) pdf [152 KB]
Species at Risk (SAR) Assessment and Recommendations: Part II Planning and Management (Legacy 03-154)

This fact sheet summarizes a project that identified targeted SAR, determined the steps necessary to prevent any further declines in the population of the species of concern on or near the targeted military installation, expanded SAR identification to all military installations, including National Guard, targeted one of the original four target species for follow-up work, and promoted the coordination of a Grassland partnership.