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DoDI: 4710.03 Native Hawaiian Organization Consultation

DoDI 4710.03 - Consultation with Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOs)

Updated December 2011 DoDI 47.03 - Consultation with NHOs, signed October 25, 2011, reissues DTM 11-001 as a DoD Instruction. It establishes policy, assigns responsibilities when proposing actions that may affect a property or place of traditional religous and cultural improtance to an NHO, and provides a framework for DoD Components to develop localized processes to facilitate consultation.

COMMENT PERIOD OPEN - Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 4710.03: Consultation With Native Hawaiian Organizations (UPDATE PLANNED) - The Department of Defense (DoD) is in the beginning stages of updating its consultation policy titled, Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 4710.03: Consultation With Native Hawaiian Organizations, by October 2021.  DoD looks forward to hearing ideas from Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOs) about how the Department can improve this consultation policy and help ensure pre-decisional, meaningful, and respectful consultation with the Native Hawaiian community.  DoD invites all NHOs to submit written comments about the policy.  Please submit comments to by January 31, 2020.  Mahalo for your time and consideration.


Memorandum of Understanding Among Participating Agencies of the Native Hawaiian Federal Interagency Working Group pdf [222 KB]

The Native Hawaiian Federal Interagency Working Group provides guidance and assists federal agencies with their compliance activities associated with the administration and consultation with Native Hawaiian Organizations.

DoD Report to Congress on Native Hawaiian Consultation - September 2019 doc [92 KB]

NHCCCC Training

The DoD Native Hawaiian Cultural, Communication, and Consultation Course is taught by Native Hawaiian specialists in history, culture, intercultural communication and consultation, and legal experts. This FREE course provides valuable information for DoD employees whose work may have an effect on Native Hawaiians and for those already working with Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiian Organizations. The training will include:

  • Hawaiian history
  • Introduction to Hawaiian concepts and cultures
  • Resources of special importance to Hawaiians
  • Federal laws, regulations, and policies that impact DoD consultation relationships with Native Hawaiian Organizations
  • The DoD Native Hawaiian Consultation Policy
  • Intercultural communications and relationship building
  • Strategies and practical steps for consulting with Native Hawaiians

Check back for updates on upcoming courses.

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