Regional Environmental Coordinators

Interactive REC Map

Regional Environmental Coordinators

Did you know?

  • Military installations and organizations must comply with certain federal, state and local environmental laws.
  • U.S. EPA has delegated 71% of their major programs to the states for enforcement.
  • On average, state legislators propose 3,000 new state environmental laws each year.
  • Over half of these state laws deal with “state unique” programs or requirements.
  • On average, there are 2,500 new state environmental rules under development at any given time.
  • There are 173 state or local regulatory agencies that write and enforce environmental regulations.
  • There are approximately 1850 programs that must be tracked for new rule changes.
  • States take 90% or more of all enforcement actions.

DoD REC Functions

  • Educate State and Federal agency officials on the military’s operational and environmental needs, priorities and concerns
  • Build and communicate coordinated DoD positions on issues important to military sustainment
  • Monitor and engage in state legislation and rulemaking
  • Develop, maintain, and coordinate partnerships to promote long-term sustainability of the military mission
  • Provide strategic regional intelligence and perspectives to service RECs and policymakers at Headquarters