Natural Resources

Department of Defense Natural Resources Story Map

The new DoD Natural Resources Story Map highlights a collection of natural resource accomplishments across the DoD Enterprise integrated with Geographic Information System (GIS) tools, broken down into five themed project areas: Conservation, Climate Resilient Lands, Biodiversity, Public Engagement, and Partnerships. More information on each of these five themed areas can be accessed at the blue tabs across the top of the page. Navigating across each of these themed areas provides information on species and habitat conservation actions; wildfire and invasive species management; bird, herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians), and pollinator initiatives; public engagement activities; and partnerships occurring across our military installations.

Several stories are included under each of these themed areas to highlight accomplishments that have occurred across our military installations. While scrolling down every tab, each block of text will load a map on the right overlaid with a scrolling photo bar at the bottom. By selecting a photograph, a story will appear to describe the highlighted project and the corresponding number will be identified on the map. Use the grey scroll bar on the right side of the black text box to reveal the entire story. Photos can be expanded by clicking on the top right corner of the story box. They can be closed by selecting the ‘x’ in the right corner of the expanded image. Due to the integrated GIS information, the maps may require a few moments to load. We appreciate your patience.