General MMRP Information

Military Munitions Response Program FY2007 NDAA pdf [16.85 MB]

Section 313 Report

Memorandum for Asst Secy of military services: Updated Human Health and Ecological Comparison Values pdf [201 KB]


New Goals July 2011 - Letter to Stephen Cobb pdf [903 KB]
New Goals July 2011 - Letter to Reggie Cheatham pdf [913 KB]
New Goals for the Defense Environmental Restoration Program July 2011 pdf [2.35 MB]
DoD and EPA UXO Management Principles consensus document pdf [357 KB]

Goodman, Fields

Interim R3M Range Rule Risk Methodology pdf [1.53 MB]

An interim procedural manual for managing, assessing, & communicating risk on closed, transferred, or transferring US ranges, March 2000

Munitions Response Committee Charter pdf [1.17 MB]


Memorandum for Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (ESOH); Dept of the Army pdf [1.31 MB]

Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on UXO, November 2003--DoD Response

White Paper Munitions Response Inventory Reconciliation pdf [437 KB]

Sep-04 Munitions Response Committee White Paper

White Paper Destruction in Place pdf [1.27 MB]

23-Sep-04 Blow In Place

DoD/EPA Memorandum pdf [565 KB]

Mar-00 Unexploded ordnance management principles