Natural Resources

About Natural Resources Program

The Department of Defense's (DoD) Natural Resources Program (NR Program) supports the military's testing and training mission by protecting its biological resources. The NR Program provides policy, guidance, and oversight for management of natural resources on approximately 25 million acres of military land, air, and water resources owned or operated by DoD. The NR Program’s goal is to support the military's combat readiness mission by ensuring continued access to realistic habitat conditions, while simultaneously working to ensure the long-term sustainability of our nation’s priceless natural heritage.

The NR Program's primary responsibilities are to:

  • Oversee development and implementation of natural resource-related policy, guidance, procedures, and metrics;
  • Ensure Military Service compliance with policies, Executive Orders, and legislative obligations;
  • Respond to Congressional inquiries;
  • Manage natural resources allocation programs; and
  • Coordinate with external stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), states, and other federal agencies. 

For a more complete program overview: DoD Natural Resources Program Fact Sheet