Round 6

Disposable Tableware

Products made from, or coated with, plastic resins and used in dining, such as drink ware and dishware, including but not limited to cups, plates, bowls, and serving platters, and that are designed for one-time use. This item does not include disposable cutlery, which is a separate item.

72% - Minimum Biobased Content

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Recycling Products

Products formulated to dissolve EPS foam to reduce the volume of recycled or discarded EPS items.

90% - Minimum Biobased Content

Heat Transfer Fluids

Products with high thermal capacities used to facilitate the transfer of heat from one location to another, including coolants or refrigerants for use in HVAC applications, internal combustion engines, personal cooling devices, thermal energy storage, or other heating or cooling closed-loops.

89% - Minimum Biobased Content

Ink Removers and Cleaners

Chemical products designed to remove ink, haze, glaze, and other residual ink contaminants from the surfaces of equipment, such as rollers, used in the textile and printing industries.

79% - Minimum Biobased Content

Mulch and Compost Materials

Products designed to provide a protective covering placed over the soil, primarily to keep down weeds and to improve the appearance of landscaping. Compost is the aerobically decomposed remnants of organic materials used in gardening and agriculture as a soil amendment, and commercially by the landscaping and container nursery industries.

95% - Minimum Biobased Content

Multipurpose Lubricants

Products designed to provide lubrication under a variety of conditions and in a variety of industrial settings to prevent friction or rust. Greases, which are lubricants composed of oils thickened to a semisolid or solid consistency using soaps, polymers or other solids, or other thickeners, are not included in this item. In addition, task-specific lubricants, such as chain and cable lubricants and gear lubricants, are not included in this item.

88% - Minimum Biobased Content

Topical Pain Relief Products

Products that can be balms, creams and other topical treatments used for the relief of muscle, joint, headache, and nerve pain, as well as sprains, bruises, swelling, and other aches.

91% - Minimum Biobased Content

Turbine Drip Oils

Products that are lubricants for use in drip lubrication systems for water well line shaft bearings, water turbine bearings for irrigation pumps, and other turbine bearing applications.

87% - Minimum Biobased Content