DoD Sustainable Products Center

Round 1

Bedding, Bed Linens, and Towels

Bedding is that group of woven cloth products used as coverings on a bed. Bedding includes products such as blankets, bedspreads, comforters, and quilts.

Bed linens are woven cloth sheets and pillowcases used in bedding.

Towels are woven cloth products used primarily for drying and wiping.

12% - Minimum Biobased Content

Diesel Fuel Additives

(1) Any substance, other than one composed solely of carbon and/or hydrogen, that is intentionally added to diesel fuel (including any added to a motor vehicle's fuel system) and that is not intentionally removed prior to sale or use.

(2) Neat biodiesel, also referred to as B100, when used as an additive. Diesel fuel additive does not mean neat biodiesel when used as a fuel or blended biodiesel fuel (e.g., B20).

90% - Minimum Biobased Content

Hydraulic Fluids - Mobile Equipment

Hydraulic fluids formulated for general use in nonstationary equipment, such as tractors, end loaders, or backhoes.

44% - Minimum Biobased Content

Penetrating Lubricants

Products formulated to provide light lubrication and corrosion resistance in close tolerant internal and external applications including frozen nuts and bolts, power tools, gears, valves, chains, and cables.

68% - Minimum Biobased Content

Roof Coatings

Coatings formulated for use in commercial roof deck systems to provide a single-coat monolith coating system.

20% - Minimum Biobased Content

Water Tank Coatings

Coatings formulated for use in potable water storage systems.

59% - Minimum Biobased Content