DoD Sustainable Products Center

Why Purchase Sustainable Products

The DoD embraces sustainability as a means to improve mission accomplishment and maintain the ability to operate into the future without decline. Sustainability promotes lifecycle thinking and long-term cost savings as opposed to short-term investments that result in higher long-term operating costs. Procuring sustainable products is a crucial component of the DoD’s systematic framework to support and enhance the mission through sustainability practices. The Department recognizes that many key issues facing DoD can be addressed through the procurement of goods and services that improve sustainability, such as energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy, water use efficiency, the reduced use of toxic and hazardous chemicals, and solid waste management.

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Mission Performance
The DoD approaches sustainable procurement as an opportunity to improve mission performance. By purchasing items that are not derived from fossil fuels, the DoD is supporting energy independence and minimizing reliance on non-renewable resources. The DoD is also pleased that as the market for sustainable products evolves, the performance of sustainable products continues to improve. The SPC serves as a portal to report the performance of sustainable products in promoting the defense mission.

Hazardous Minimization
The DoD views sustainable procurement as an opportunity to protect the health and well-being of the warfighter, workforce, and surrounding community by purchasing items with less hazardous substances. By purchasing products that use non-toxic substances, the warfighter and workforce can execute their mission unhindered by personal protective equipment (PPE) and without fear for short or long-term health consequences. Likewise, using products with less toxic substances ensures the well-being of surrounding communities to military installations.

Waste Minimization
The DoD aims to reduce the life cycle costs of procured items through sustainable procurement practices. By preferably purchasing items that reduce waste disposal and compliance costs, the DoD is saving valuable financial resources that can be used to support mission activities.