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Achieving Sustainable Procurement

In 2010, the DoD issued over 3.6 million contracts (counting only those over $3,000), amounting to approximately $366 billion in resource obligation. The DoD is working diligently to ensure that 95% of those procurement activities are conducted sustainably. In FY 2012, the DoD developed standard contract language to reflect the need for products and services to be energy-efficient, water-efficient, bio-based, environmentally preferable, non-ozone depleting, and to contain recycled content, or non-toxic or less toxic alternatives.

The Department is also working to address underlying issues, which includes the purchasing actions conducted according to military specifications. Military specifications are prepared by personnel outside of the contracting organizations who may draft specifications to preclude sustainable products. To solve this problem, the Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO) will reassess the Specification Preparing Activities (SPAs) to ensure that specifications are in line with goal of 95% of procurement conducted sustainably.

In addition to the efforts mentioned above, many DoD Components are engaging in unique projects to promote the procurement of sustainable products. To review our Success Stories, Click Here.