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50 Years of the Sikes Act Brochure pdf [6.65 MB]
DoD Natural Resources Program Training Workshops: Sikes Act, Sikes Act Implementation, Endangered Species Act Implementation - Standard Operating Procedure/After Action Report pdf [851 KB]

This document establishes a uniform process for the preparation, review, and implementation of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Natural Resources Conservation Compliance (NR) Program training courses. This Standard Operating Procedure/After Action Report covers the Sikes Act 101, Sikes Act Implementation, and Endangered Species Act (ESA) Implementation training courses.

Supplemental Training Resources Webguide pdf [10 KB]

This one page document provides a quick reference to natural and cultural resources training information websites and online training courses.

Integrating Off-Site Mitigation Banking And Trading Into Land-Use Planning: A Manual For DoD Installations pdf [2.37 MB]

(Legacy 07-350) Species conservation banking and water quality trading programs offer the potential to allow flexible approaches to compliance with regulatory programs in the areas of habitat and water quality protection.

Southwest State Wildlife Action Plan and INRMP Workshop pdf [3.12 MB]

This document summarizes information from the State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs) and INRMPs Workshop held in Phoenix, AZ, December 7-8, 2006. The purpose of the workshop was to bring State, Military, and USFWS personnel together to integrate SWAPs and INRMPs by identifying common problems and common goals for the region.

The North Carolina Sandhills Weed Management Area Training Workshop: June 2006 pdf [4.98 MB]

Materials consist of a presentation summarizing the invasive species problems faced by the North Carolina Sandhills region which includes Fort Bragg, defines a weed management area and outlines the plan of action to begin to solve the weed problem.

Sikes Act Workshop Summary (April 2004) pdf [56 KB]
1997 Sikes Act Amendments Overview ppt [122 KB]

Mr. Jim Van Ness, Department of Defense Associate General Counsel, Environment and Installations


The DoD Natural Resources (NR) Program sponsored the following courses to facilitate regulatory and stakeholder cooperation, highlight positive military activities and efforts, and educate personnel about the military’s requirements and commitment to protecting natural resources to ensure no net loss in mission capability.
Training Courses:
Sikes Act 101
Sikes Act Implementation
Additional Courses of Interest:
The following courses may also be of interest; however, the DoD NR Program does not sponsor them: 
For more information about DoD's Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans (INRMPs):