Integrated Solid Waste Management

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Installations can establish Qualified Recycling Programs (QRPs) as part of their integrated waste management program to retain revenue from the sale of recycled materials. In addition to diverting waste from disposal facilities, installations save landfill disposal costs and use the proceeds to fund various programs and local project costs. Cost-effective and successful QRPs require understanding of solid waste stream characteristics and financial management, including marketability of materials, recycling costs, sales proceeds, and cost avoidance.

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The Military Services developed the DoD QRP Management Course to provide personnel with guidance on operating their program effectively and in compliance. This course is taught at the Air Force Institute of Technology where the school is in the process of converting the classroom training to an online distant learning format.

The course includes topics such as identification of recyclable and non-recyclable items, QRP regulations, contracting and financial management, and coordinating with partnering organizations.

10 USC 2577:, Disposal of Recyclable Materials
32 CFR 172, Disposition of Proceeds from DoD Sales of Surplus Personal Property