FAQ's Home

FAQ's Home

This website is open to the general public. Accounts are not required. DoD personnel and contractors with Common Access Card (CAC) may login to a get a DENIX or KBCRS account.

  • DENIX Registration not required.  Using your CAC, simply click login from the link at the top right of this page, select the email certificate, enter the pin, accept the DoD banner warning. After authenticating for the first time, new users must check a box to sign the acceptable use agreement acknowledging responsibilities.

How do I get to KBCRS?

  • Login to with your CAC. KBCRS is now integrated into DENIX. A link is provided after login. New KBCRS user? – click the KBCRS link after logging into DENIX.

Why was this change made?

CAC only authentication is now mandated by policy for all public facing DoD systems.

How do I get a CAC?

Contractors are eligible for CAC under most circumstances. Talk to your sponsor and see:

What if I can’t get a CAC?

Non-CAC accounts must be sponsored and require manual approval and validation. DoD Contractors must have their DoD sponsor contact the DENIX helpdesk using a CAC signed email advising of your full legal name, your contract number and expiration date, the reason access is required and reason a CAC cannot be obtained.  You will be required to purchase medium assurance smart card (PIV-1) from a DoD approved External Certificate Authority (ECA) See:  Once you have the ECA PIV-1 you must also send a signed email to the helpdesk identifying the sponsor of your request and your full legal name.

  • IMPORTANT: DENIX-KBCRS only accepts ECA PIV-1 smart card certificates issued by Operational Research Consultants, Inc. (ORC) 
  • PIV-1 cards issued under the Federal Certificate Bridge Authority (FCBA) or other ECA vendors cannot be used at this time.

Where do I get help with CAC?

CAC behavior is determined by your computer and browser settings. Lots of great helpful information is available from

  • Your computer will need to be configured to trust DoD PKI certificates and you may need middleware software such as Active Client
  • DISA has a tool called InstallRoot that helps with the certificate installations at :

You may also contact the helpdesk using the Contact Us link located on the footer of every DENIX page