Ergonomics Working Group


Navy Ergonomics Risk Assessments

Ground Electronics pdf [547 KB]
Hull Repair pdf [434 KB]
Security pdf [620 KB]
Biomedical Equipment Repair pdf [1.12 MB]
Branch Medical Clinic pdf [1.29 MB]
Dental Clinic Prosthetic Laboratories pdf [728 KB]
Dinghy Retrieval and Storage pdf [449 KB]
Electroplating Shop pdf [322 KB]
Fire Department pdf [687 KB]
Heavy Mobile Equipment Service, Mobile Equipment Metal Mechanic, Industrial Equipment Maitenance Mechanic and Industrial Equipment Repair, and Materials Support Areas pdf [1.63 MB]
Medical Supply Warehouse pdf [1.36 MB]
Model Fabrication Facility pdf [1.38 MB]
Phlembotomy, Automated,Microbiology,Cytology,Grossing,Serology and Transfusion Labs pdf [1.02 MB]
Recycling Center pdf [296 KB]
Shipping & Receiving Area pdf [576 KB]
Ship Repair: Pump, Antenna, Engine, and Welding Shops pdf [1.40 MB]
Advanced Composite Shop, Shipping and Receiving, and Storage Areas Ergonomics Risk Assessment pdf [1.18 MB]

An ergonomic survey was conducted on March 27 and 28, 2000. The results of a JRPD indicated that the Advanced Composite Shop, NIF Storage Areas, and receiving and distribution areas of the Fuel Control Facility were ergonomic problem areas.

Aircraft Maitenance Ergonomics Risk Assessment pdf [365 KB]

An ergonomic risk assessment was conducted on June 24, 2002. The electronics operation was observed in order to determine sources of ergonomics stress and make recommendations to reduce the risk of WMSDs and improve safety, health and productivity. The major ergonomic risks factors were awkward postures, poor lighting, and contact stress.

Boat Repair and Recycling Center Ergonomics Risk Assessment pdf [304 KB]

This report summarizes the ergonomic risk assessment of a Boat Repair and Recycling Center conducted in January of 2004. Heavy and repetitive lifting, forceful exertions and heavy lifting, and repetitive motions and awkward postures were identified risk factors.