DoD Military Injury Metrics Working Group White Paper pdf [899 KB]

The DoD Military Injury Metrics Working Group was tasked to identify appropriateand standardized military injury metrics for the Department of Defense; to identify the best data sources for the metrics; to identify data gaps and limitations and develop recommendations; and to propose appropriate military injury metric reduction goals.

Defense Safety Oversight Council (DSOC) Occupational Medicine, Injury Prevention and Mitigation Task Force Recommended Ergonomics Goals pdf [55 KB]

Many DOD installations have established strong ergonomics programs and have seen positive results; however, many other installations have placed little emphasis on ergonomics and injury prevention. The goal of this metric is to integrate ergonomics into standard safety and occupational health business practices and to hold safety, industrial hygiene and occupational health accountable for ergonomics.

Issue 30, April 2004, DoD Military Injury Lost Duty Time Application: System Overview pdf [149 KB]