Presentations from April 2016 EMDQ Workshop

Presentations from April 2016 EMDQ Workshop

What's New

Lara Phelps - The Evolution of Environmental Measurements at EPA pdf [1.44 MB]
AXYS Environmental/ANAB - Accreditation against multiple quality standards for legacy and emerging concern contaminats, including PFASs pdf [948 KB]

Bharat Chandramouli

Anita Meyer - Emerging Contaminant (EC) Update pdf [820 KB]
Ann Bernhardt - Drivers of PFC Analytical Requirements pdf [882 KB]

Amec Foster Wheeler

Jamie Fox - Improving Data Quality with Advanced Instrumentation Utilizing Multiple Interference Reduction Technologies pdf [1.35 MB]

Brooks Applied Labs

Tony Blake - EPA Triad Approach Fromer Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1 Arsenic in soil Assessment pdf [6.59 MB]

Ahtna Facility Services, Inc.

Hess/Peyton - Generating Quality Metals Data at Sites using Field-Portable XRF pdf [5.52 MB]


Ed Corl - PCB Source Identification in Fish Tissue pdf [2.71 MB]


Shen-yi Yang - SW methods Program Update and Path Forward pdf [208 KB]


Christopher Lutes - Quantitative Decision Framework for Vapor Intrusin Evaluation inDoD Industrial Buildings pdf [2.45 MB]

CH2M Hill

James Elliot - The Value of trip blanks: a review of 19 years of Environmental Sampling Data pdf [596 KB]

Tetra Tech

Ian Li - Genetic Catabolic Probes for Monitored Natural Attenuation of 1,4-Dioxane pdf [3.25 MB]

NJIT and Rice

Andrew Jackson - High-Resolution Delineation of Chlorinated Solvent Concentrations, Pore Water Velocity, Biogeochemical Processess, and Microbial Communities in Saturated Subsurface Environments pdf [2.84 MB]

Texas Tech University

Helen Dawson - Mass Flux Characterization for Vapor Intrusion Assessment pdf [1.11 MB]

Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.

Herb Nelson - SERDP & ESTCP Overview pdf [1.35 MB]


Larry Zintek - ASTM Methods for the analysis of PFCs using a quick sample extraction/preparation followed by UPLC/MS/MS Analysis pdf [2.54 MB]

US EPA Region 5 Chicago Regional Laboratory

Cornell Long - Overview of PFCs pdf [405 KB]

Air Force Civil Engineer Center

Karla Buechler - The Analysis of PFAS including PFOS and PFOA pdf [1.34 MB]


Charles Neslund - The analysis of Perfluorinated Compounds - Beyond UCMR3 pdf [148 KB]

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental

Terry Obal - Perfluorinated Alkyl Acids (PFAAs): Practical Answers to Frequently Asked Questions pdf [1.89 MB]


Michael Hintz - Data Security and Disaster Planning: Are your records Safe? pdf [3.78 MB]

Shepherd Technical Services

Kelly Black - DQOs the next generation pdf [716 KB]

Neptune and Company

Michael Kulbersh - Environmental Data Management Via FUDSChem, New England District pdf [2.68 MB]

USACE, New England District

Paul Gedbaw - Environmental Data Management on USACE, Omaha District Projects pdf [2.06 MB]

USACE Omaha District

Jeanne Mensingh - Assessing Compliance for Software and Computer Requirements in QSM 5.0 pdf [378 KB]


Alyssa Wingard - DoD ELAP Overview and QSM 5.1 Update pdf [369 KB]


George Detsis - DOECAP laboratories Phased Audits pdf [500 KB]

U.S. Department of Energy

Jan Dunker - EDD Accreditation pdf [394 KB]


John Schwarz - Is it a Mobile, Temporary, or just a Field Laboratory pdf [3.09 MB]


Doug Berg - Measurement Traceability Requirments and Calibration Certificate Review Exercise pdf [4.86 MB]

Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation

Ray Frederici - Environmental Testing Data Integrity Issues and Prevention Programs pdf [1.12 MB]


Cindy lee Westergard - Ethics and Data Integrity in Environmental Monitoring pdf [1.30 MB]

HSW Engineering

Fred McLean - Ethics and Inappropriate Practices from a Data User Perspective pdf [385 KB]

BMT Designers and Planners

Chris Gunning - Laboratory Fraud and Inappropriate Practices pdf [77 KB]