Archaeological Collections Management Procedures (Legacy 06-319) pdf [3.21 MB]
Basic Methods of Conserving Underwater Archaeological Material Culture, Report (Legacy) pdf [660 KB]
Best Practices: Managing Traditional Resources on Department of Defense Lands (Legacy 08-406) pdf [2.56 MB]
Current DoD Needs for CRM: Archaeology - Laurie Rush, Fort Drum, NY and Russell Kaldenberg, NAWS China Lake, CA pdf [1.42 MB]
Department of Defense Guidelines for the Curation of Archaeological Soil Samples (DOC), Report (Legacy) doc [46 KB]
Map Production for the Paleoindian Archaeology and Late Pleistocene/Early Holo pdf [344 KB]

The Paleoindian Archaeology and Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Shorelines on Department of Defense (DoD) Installations project maps were developed to aid DoD cultural resource managers identifying potential locations of sites that might yield evidence of Paleomaritime or aquatic culture. The primary product is the reference map, National Map of Potential Paleoindian Sites on Military Bases which uses a single criterion and simple GIS analysis to demonstrate such potential. This report describes the GIS techniques and datasets employed to generate the maps.