Cultural Resources

Sustainability and Historic Federal Buildings - Guide, 2011 pdf [1.53 MB]

This guide discusses how to integrate the requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act with the requirements of Executive Order 13514: Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance. Advisory Council for Historic Preservation.

Technical Specifications Submitted to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation for Consideration as Standard Treatments - Specifications, 2008 pdf [4.21 MB]

This attachment is to a May 30, 2008, letter from Alex A. Beehler, Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, to John L. Nau, III, Chairman of the ACHP, regarding standard treatments and contains technical specifications for the repair, replacement, and cleaning of masonry materials including mortar, stucco, adobe, brick, and terra cotta.

A Look at the Historic Real Property Inventory in the DoD - Slideshow, 2007 (Legacy 07-376) pdf [539 KB]

This slideshow summarizes the content, organization, and progress of DoD's 2006 Historic Real Property Inventory data, including the number and status of structures that are over 50 years old. Joanna Hall.

Section 106 Standard Treatments: A Program Alternative - Fact Sheet, 2007 (Legacy 06-313) pdf [41 KB]

This fact sheet summarizes a project that created standard treatments for categories of undertakings of repair and maintenance of building materials and systems common to historic military buildings (e.g., exterior masonry, roofing materials, and exterior wood elements). Brian J. Lusher.

DoD Sustainability Application Guide for Historic Properties - Report, 2007 (Legacy 04-220) pdf [11.17 MB]

This report presents technical information to incorporate sustainable design principles into historic buildings owned by the Department of Defense (DoD). The study follows the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system for Existing Buildings (LEED-EB), Version 2.0, June 2005, and provides specific discussion and strategies relevant both to historic preservation and sustainable design and development. Julie L. Webster, Kathleen S. McQuiggan, Charissa Wang Durst, and James G. MacMillan.

DoD Sustainability Application Guide for Historic Properties - Fact Sheet, (Legacy 04-220) pdf [42 KB]
Antiterrorism Measures for Historic Properties - Report, 2006 (Legacy 03-176) pdf [8.31 MB]

The objectives of this study were to: identify common circumstances in which Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-010-01 undertakings for minimum antiterrorism (AT) standards for DoD building will conflict with the requirements of the NHPA, and; develop specific guidelines that will help installation command, AT, cultural resources, and facilities personnel to rapidly resolve those conflicts in a way that satisfies both sets of requirements. Julie L. Webster, Patrick E. Reicher, and Gordon L. Cohen.

Antiterrorism Measures for Historic Properties - Fact Sheet (Legacy 03-176) pdf [828 KB]
DoD Cultural Resources Workshop: Prioritizing Cultural Resources Needs for a Sound Investment Strategy - Presentation, 2006 pdf [2.38 MB]

This PowerPoint presentation is an overview of DoD's historic holdings, responsibilities towards those assets, and plans/strategies for their management. Brian Lione.

Current DoD Needs for CRM Built Infrastructure - Report, 2006 pdf [467 KB]

This document includes an overview of the DoD's properties that are over 50 years old and discusses the DoD and the "50 Year Rule", the importance of "uninteresting" or "standardized plan" buildings, the needs and priorities of the DoD in regard to historic properties (e.g., inventory, information sharing, technology), and Military Construction Appropriation programs. Adam Smith and Julia Cantrell.