Evaluation of ESOH Related Mission Risks

EPA 2009 Interim Guidance on TCE Toxicity and Vapor Intrusion Risk Assessment

EPA issues new guidance on how to address TCE risks in the interim while new Toxicity Values are being developed.

Howard - TCE pdf [89 KB]

Briefings from the JSEM Conference held in May 2007 in Columbus, OH that are related to ECs.

Background material for OSD-ATL EC News for 1 April 2008

This file contains a briefing on TCE by EPA and is background material for an article in the OSD-ATL EC News for 1 April 2008.

NAS-NRC Review of TCE July 2006 pdf [3.06 MB]

NAS Review of EPA Risk Assessment for TCE

NAS Press TCE pdf [30 KB]

NAS Review of EPA Risk Assessment for TCE

NY State TCE Briefing

TCE: Health-Based Criteria and Air Guideline, New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Toxic Substance Assessment, Troy, New York

NY TCE Review

Material referenced in the EC News Letter for 15 Dec 05

Slides - DeSesso ppt [1.67 MB]

EC related materials from the SERDP/ESTCP Conference held in Dec 2006. The rest of the presentation from the meeting may be found at http://www.serdp-estcp.org/Symposium/

TCE Levels For Vapor Cleanups

Speaking at a conference of state environmental regulators (ASTSWMO), Mary Cooke, an official in EPAs Federal Facilities Restoration and Reuse Office (FFRRO), announced first-time provisional EPA guidance for TCE contamination when it causes indoor air contamination. According to Cooke's presentation, the provisional guidance will adopt California's safe exposure level, or inhalation unit risk value, for TCE of approximately 1 microgram per cubic meter (ug/m3) -- a level significantly more stringent than what EPA had previously recommended. Currently, no toxicity value exists for the chemical in EPAs Integrated Risk Information System database of toxicological risk values.

TERA Paper on TCE pdf [95 KB]

Material referenced in the EC News Letter for 15 Dec 05