DoD Risk Management

-NIOSH Nanomaterials Collaboration Memo pdf [268 KB]
DoD Nanomaterials Lab Safety Memo pdf [75 KB]
ICON Phase II Report on Work Place Practices.pdf pdf [2.31 MB]

ICON Phase II Report on Work Place Practices

Oregon pdf [1.63 MB]

Among the many applications of nanotechnology that have environmental implications, remediation of contaminated groundwater using nanoparticles containing zero-valent iron (nZVI) is one of the most prominent examples of a rapidly emerging technology with considerable potential benefits. There are, however, many uncertainties regarding the fundamental features of this technology, which have made it difficult to engineer applications for optimal performance or to assess the risk to human or ecological health.

EPA Stewardship Program pdf [100 KB]

Various files related to the potential regulation of Nanomaterials.

NIOSH Issues Report on Nanotechnology Progress pdf [3.33 MB]

Information from NIOSH that reviews the National Nanotech Initiative, Environmental Safety and Health issues and NIOSH Nanotech program

NMCPHC Conference Presentation on Engineered Nanomaterials by Mr. Chris Carrol pdf [4.59 MB]

A 50-minute presentation given by Mr. Chris Carroll, Certified Industrial Hygienist, U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, given on 17 March 2008 at the 47th Navy and Marine Corps Occupational Health and Preventive Medicine Conference, Hampton, VA. The title of the presentation was, Engineered Nanomaterials: What you might need to know! An Update. Pages 1-120 is the presentation given. Pages 120-162 includes important documents, references, websites, and resources, and a few back-up slides.

DOE Approach to Nanomaterial ESH pdf [819 KB]

Useful guide.

EPA Nanomaterials Stewardship Report pdf [893 KB]
DOE Training on Safe Handling of Nano-Scale Materials pdf [117 KB]
Lockheed-Martin Corporate Policy and Practice for Nanomaterial safety doc [95 KB]

Became effective in 2006.

Safety Practices in the Nanotechnology Industry pdf [438 KB]

Phase One Report: Current Knowledge and Practices Regarding Environmental Health and Safety in the Nanotechnology Workplace Prepared for the International Council on Nanotechnology by the University of California, Santa Barbara