DoD in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

DoD Chesapeake Bay Program FY2017 Annual Progress Report pdf [3.68 MB]

With 130 installations in the Bay watershed, that cover approximately 400,000 acres of land, DoD is one of the largest federal landholders in the watershed. These installations vary widely in their uses and function, including national defense; training; deployment centers; research, development, and testing and evaluation facilities. They range in size from 20 acres to more than 75,000 acres and are located in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

DoD was the first federal agency to become formally involved in the Chesapeake Bay restoration effort in 1984 and in 1990, we further strengthened our participation and role by linking DoD environmental initiatives to the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program.

The Navy is the designated lead agency for the DoD's Chesapeake Bay Program and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for the Environment has oversight responsibilities.

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic administers the Program and has designated staff to facilitate and implement its goals throughout all the military services.

Executive Order 13508, guides the current management of our overall Program in partnership with other federal agencies. The Navy tracks and reports installation and regional projects that support each of the Program's goals, including:

  • Restoring Clean Water
  • Recovering Habitat
  • Sustaining Fish and Wildlife
  • Conserving Land and Providing Public Access
  • Engaging Communities