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The data supporting the DEP ARC is housed in the Knowledge-Based Corporate Reporting System (KBCRS) database maintained by the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment (ENV). This page provides a publicly accessible search engine, which queries KBCRS data supporting the report and displays the results in a tabular PDF format.

Report Criteria

Geography (If unselected, the default is ALL States/Regions).
Hold down the CTRL key to select/unselect multiple states or regions.
State or Territory
EPA Region
Note: You will not be able to select FUDS and BRAC simultaneously because that combination does not exist.
DoD Component (default is ALL Components)
Army Air Force FUDS
Funding Type (default is ALL Types)
DERA Funded
BRAC Funded

Optional Filter Criteria

NPL Status: All
Installations or Properties on or Proposed for the National Priorities List (NPL)
Installations or Properties NOT ON or NOT Proposed for the National Priorities List (NPL)
Total Sites per Installation or Property: Minimum Maximum
Total Cost-to-Complete per Installation
or Property (thousands of dollars):
Minimum Maximum
BRAC Round: 1988 1991 1993 1995 2005
If you are unable to select a BRAC round, please make sure the "BRAC Funded" box above is checked.
Get only installations with all sites response complete: Yes
This option is available only for the "List by Individual Installation" Report Format.

Report Display

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Rolled Up Summary Table
List by Individual Installation
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