Official Reports

Army Compatible Use Buffers: Installation and Partner Meeting by John Housein

Download | PDF | 990KB

SWAP/INRMP Workshop Summary

Download | PDF | 2.7MB


Cost Principles for Non-profit Organizations

Download | PDF | 219KB

Partnerships Through Cooperative Agreements: Cost Share by Scott Farley

Download | PDF | 1.7MB


Army Compatible Use Buffer (ACUB) Program: Information, Status, and New Initiatives by LTC Joe Knott

Download | PPT | 463KB

Encroachment is a Two-Way Street: How Counties and Military Bases Can Work Together by Lew Gorman

Download | PPT | 99KB

Marine Corps Encroachment Partnering by Bruce Jackson

Download | PPT | 5.8MB

Military Perspective: Counties and Military Working Together by Tony Parisi

Download | PPT | 3.7MB

Navy Encroachment Management by Alan Zuxman

Download | PPT | 3.7MB

Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative (REPI) by Bruce Beard

Download | PPT | 7.2MB

Sustainable Sandhills: A Regional Sustainability Initiative by Jon Parsons

Download | PPT | 13.3MB

The DoD Sustainable Ranges Initiative: Tools to Sustain the Mission by Jan Larkin

Download | PPT | 473KB


Code of Federal Regulations Currentness

Download | PDF | 117KB


Army Installations and Partner Meeting Agenda

Download | DOC | 41KB

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