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Secretary of Defense Safe Summer Message (PDF)

Secretary Hagel asks all DoD personnel to do their part to keep each other safe, especially having the courage to say no to a risk situation. Secretary Hagel provides common-sense actions such as managing fatigue and wearing seat belts while driving.

DoD Prohibits Text Messaging and Hand-held Cell Phones While Driving

DoD implemented the Executive Order 13513 prohibition on text messaging while driving. DoD policy now prohibits driving while: text messaging, using hand-held cell phones, or using other hand-held electronic devices:
- while on official Government business, or - while using Government-supplied devices, whether driving a government or personal vehicle (e.g., a DoD-issued Blackberry). Use of headsets and other hands-free devices is permitted, but not recommended. Recent research indicates the likelihood of crashing is equal for both hand-held and hands-free communication because the conversation pulls attention away from the driving task.

Last Modified: 17 May 2013 at 08:00