Programs of Interest

Whitehouse Indian Affairs Executive Workgroup

A group of political appointees and senior Native American program managers from throughout the federal government that meets to coordinate federal-tribal issues in sessions chaired by White House external affairs personnel.

Western Regional Partnership

In November 2007, state and tribal executive leadership from the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah met with senior leaders from DoD and other Federal agencies to establish a regional-senior policy level partnership. The Western Regional Partnership (WRP) was formed to eliminate redundancies in resource management, create a strong working entity to address issues of regional significance and develop solutions for the five-state region.

U.S. Environmental Agency — American Indian Environmental Office (AIEO)

The American Indian Environmental Office (AIEO) at EPA coordinates the agency-wide effort to strengthen public health and environmental protection in Indian Country.

Tribal Solid Waste Interagency Workgroup headed by EPA assists tribes by cleaning up and closing non-compliant solid waste sites and developing alternative disposal options and integrated solid waste management plans.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is responsible for the administration and management of 66 million acres of land held in trust by the United States for American Indians, tribal nations, and Alaska Natives.

Bureau of Indian Education

The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) provides education services to approximately 48,000 Indian students.

U.S Department of Veteran Affairs

The Minority Veterans Program's mission is to ensure that the VA addresses the unique circumstances and special needs of minority veterans.

Veteran Business and Economic Outreach Program — Assists minority veterans with business related needs; identifies opportunities and benefits; and provides access to business opportunities and contracts within the federal government and private sector.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Administration for Native Americans (ANA)

The mission of the Administration for Native Americans (ANA), within HHS, is to promote the goal of self-sufficiency and cultural preservation for Native Americans by providing social and economic development opportunities through financial assistance, training, and technical assistance to eligible tribes and Native American communities. Some programs include: Social Economic Development Program, Native Language Preservation and Maintenance, Environmental Regulatory Enhancement, and Family Preservation Initiative.

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP)

The mission of the ACHP is to promote the preservation, enhancement, and productive us of our nation's historic resources, and advise the President and Congress on national historic preservation policy.

Recognizing Tribal Sovereignty and Cultural Traditions

Working to Fulfill Federal Trust Responsibilities

Protecting Natural and Cultural Resources

Consulting with Tribal Nations

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