"Consultation is always a dialog, with information and opinion respectfully exchanged in both directions."

DoD Instruction Number 4710.02:
DoD Interactions with Federally-Recognized Tribes

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In terms of American Indians/Alaska Natives and the DoD, consultation can be defined as an effective, ongoing process that allows elected officials and other representatives of federally-recognized Tribes/Villages to provide meaningful and timely input into the development of DoD policies or practices that significantly or uniquely affect their communities.

General Information

Sample Ground Rules (PDF)

Procedural satisfaction for successful consultation: Ground Rules

Consultation with Multiple Tribes (PDF)

This worksheet provides guidance towards working with multiple tribes or a tribal consortia

The Consultation Process (PPT)

This PowerPoint presentation provides an in-depth review of the Consultation process.

Guide on Consultation and Collaboration with Indian Tribal Governments and the Public Participation of Indigenous Groups and Tribal Members in Environmental Decision Making (PDF)

This Report was prepared by the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, Indigenous Peoples Subcommittee; A Federal Advisory Committee to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Consultation Resources

Consultation with Multiple Tribes (PDF)

This worksheet provides guidance towards working with multiple tribes or a tribal consortia

Applied Consultation

Applied Consultation (PPT)

This presentation helps identify current or potential challenges, problems, solutions and approaches toward successful consultations.

Consultation Protocol Outline (PDF)

This document provides a basic template that DoD Components or Installations may want to use when establishing consultation efforts with a tribal nation.

The Native Village of Tanacross: Government to Government Relationship Policy (PDF)

This policy provides an example of a consultation policy from the tribal perspective.

Case Studies of Successful Consultations

Ft. Polk, LA and the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma (PDF)

The 11th Air Force, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska and the Galena Village/Louden Tribal Council (PDF)

Ft. Lewis, Washington and The Nisqually Tribe (PDF)

A Southeastern Military Installation and a small Tribe (PDF)

A Memorandum of Agreement between The Suquamish Tribe and the Department of Defense/Army Corps of Engineers (PDF)

Case Study: What Not To Do (PDF)

Example DoD/Tribal Agreements

Comprehensive Agreement with The Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma (PDF)

MOU on Native American Human Skeletal Remains and Associated Artifacts involving The Fallon-Paiute Shoshone Tribes (PDF)

MOU on Native American Human Remains and Associated Materials involving The Gila River Indian Community (PDF)

MOA between the DoD and the Suquamish Tribe of The Port Madison Indian Reservation (PDF)

Letter between the Susanville Indian Rancheria and the DoD toward the Development of an MOA (PDF)

MOA with the Pueblo of Zuni (PDF)

MOA with the Suquamash Tribe (PDF)

Recognizing Tribal Sovereignty and Cultural Traditions

Working to Fulfill Federal Trust Responsibilities

Protecting Natural and Cultural Resources

Consulting with Tribal Nations

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