General MMRP Information

Military Munitions Response Program FY2007 NDAA (PDF)

Section 313 Report

Memorandum for Asst Secy of military services: Updated Human Health and Ecological Comparison Values (PDF)


New Goals July 2011 - Letter to Stephen Cobb (PDF)

New Goals July 2011 - Letter to Reggie Cheatham (PDF)

New Goals for the Defense Environmental Restoration Program July 2011 (PDF)

DoD and EPA UXO Management Principles consensus document (PDF)

Goodman, Fields

Interim R3M Range Rule Risk Methodology (PDF)

An interim procedural manual for managing, assessing, & communicating risk on closed, transferred, or transferring US ranges, March 2000

Munitions Response Committee Charter (PDF)


Memorandum for Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (ESOH); Dept of the Army (PDF)

Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on UXO, November 2003--DoD Response

White Paper Munitions Response Inventory Reconciliation (PDF)

Sep-04 Munitions Response Committee White Paper

White Paper Destruction in Place (PDF)

23-Sep-04 Blow In Place

DoD/EPA Memorandum (PDF)

Mar-00 Unexploded ordnance management principles

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