Workshop: Environmental Considerations in Military Operations and Global Basing

General Information


Participants (DOC)


USPACOM Global Basing and Environmental Impacts (PPT)

Bruce Fink

Sustain the Mission Project (DOC)


Environmental Intelligence for Contingency Operations (DOC)


Environmental Considerations Impacting Deployed Operations (DOC)


Natural Infrastructure and Sustainability Analysis for Global Basing Strategies (DOC)


Environmental Aspects of Military Compounds, Base Camps (PPT)

Kurt J. Kinnevan

Environmental Considerations In Post-Conflict Military Operations and Reconstruction (PPT)

Beth Lachman

Global Situational Awareness Tool (PPT)

Steven Lufkin

Environmental Considerations In Military Operations (PPT)

William A.J. Mackie

ESOH Considerations in Military Operations (PPT)

Paul McComb

USFK to Stop Paying for Vacated Bases - Coverage 1 (DOC)

Linda Moschelle

USFK to Stop Paying for Vacated Bases - Coverage 2 (DOC)

Linda Moschelle

Overseas Policy/Guidance Update (PPT)

Nicholls Sadusky, Van Housten

Environmental Aspects of International Agreements (PPT)

Bill Nicholls

International Efforts to Develop Environmental Guidelines for Military Operations (PPT)

Bill Nicholls

Environmental Impacts On Training and Readiness (PPT)

Frank Stone

Processes for Continued Access to Australian Training Ranges in Environmentally Sensitive Areas (PPT)

Bill Van Houten

Initiatives in Overseas Mission Sustainability (PPT)

Bill Van Houten

Baseline / Closure Surveys for Operations, Exercises, and Transformation Related Activities (PPT)

Craig Walmsley

Protecting DoD Maritime Mobility -- The UN and the IMO (PPT)

John Kauffman, James Kraska

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