EUCOM Partnership for Peace

General Information

Agenda (DOC)

Binder Cover (PPT)


European Structures (PPT)

NATO Review Spring 2004 - Taking NATOs partnerships forward (DOC)


Additional Info (PPT)

Bill Nicholls (PPT)

Curtis Bowling (PPT)

Handout (DOC)

Handout - DESC-F Facilities Management Directorate Funding Guidance (DOC)

Partnering on Environmental Issues - Ginger Stones (PPT)

Partnering One-on-One - Michael Dawson (PPT)

Tab 1 - Welcome Introductory Remarks from USEUCOM - CAPTAIN Andrew Ritchie, PE (PPT)

Tab 4 - Natural Infrastructure Management - Part I: Lessons Learned - Ms. Maureen Koetz (PPT)

Tab 5 - Evolution of Air Force Environmental Protection - Thomas Russell, P.E. (PPT)

Tab 6 - USAFE Cleanup Program Update - Mr. Willi Ningelgen (PPT)

Tab 7 - Natural Infrastructure Management - Part II: Implementation - Lt Col Jeff Cornell (PPT)

Tab 8 - Participation of Romanian Oceanological Research in Black Sea Regional and International Co-Operation - Simion Nicolaev and Alexandru S. Bologa (PPT)

Tab 9 - Needs for Sustainable Development of the Black Sea Ecosystem - Dr.eng. Simion Nicolaev, Dr. Nicolae C. Papadopol (PPT)


Tab 10 - Regional Military Environmental Cooperation in the Caspian Basin and Central Asia - Professor B.F. Griffard (PPT)

Tab 11 - Environmental Update from Ukraine - Mitch Brown (PPT)

Tab 13 - River Basin Management and Restoration: An Ecosystem Perspective - Robert H. Kennedy (PPT)


Tab 14 - Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (PPT)


Tab 15 - Ecological Restauration in the Danube Delta - Romanian Ministry of Environment and Water Management (PPT)


Tab 16 - Pollution Control and the Danube River - Dr. Mihaela Popovici (PPT)

Tab 18 - Welcome Introductory Remarks from USEUCOM - CAPTAIN Andrew Ritchie, PE (PPT)

Tab 20 - The Blackwater NWR Inundation Model Rising Sea Level on a Low-lying Coast: Land Use Planning for Wetlands - Curt Larsen GD (PPT)


Tab 21 - Civil-Military Cooperation in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (PPT)


Tab 22 - Terrorist Attack - Environmental Implications (PPT)

Tab 23 - Some Developments in EU Environmental Legislation, and Potential Military Implications - Simon Taylor, ERM (PPT)

Tab 25 - Wetlands Construction as Mitigation - Michael C. Applegate (PPT)

Tab 26 - European Union and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Requirements - Colonel Florea Surdu (PPT)

Tab 27 - The Environmental Romanian Experience in Implementing EMS in the Military Air Base Mihail Kogalniceanu - Lt.col eng. Vasile Badescu (PPT)

Tab 29 - The Riga Initiative (PPT)

Tab 30 - Environmental Security and International Cooperation in the Danube River Basin: Revisited - Steven Hearne (PPT)


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