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Issue 130, Nov/Dec 2012, Strength Through Neutrality: The Big Deal About Having a Neutral Posture (PDF)

Issue 129, Sept/Oct 2012, Recognition, Evaluation and Control of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (PDF)

Issue 128 July /August 2012 Back Injury Prevention for Childcare Providers (PDF)

Issue 127, May/June 2012, Tool Backpack: Saves Time, Improves Repair Process (PDF)

Issue 126, March/April 2012, Naval Shipyard Ergonomics: A Community of Practice (PDF)

Issue 125, January/February 2012, Safe Patient Handling: Ceiling Lifts (PDF)


Issue 124, December 2011, Push, Don't Pull! Safe Material Moving (PDF)

Issue 123, October 2011, Ergo Solution with Spin of a Wheel (PDF)

Issue 122, October 2011, EWG Website Has a New Address (PDF)

Issue 121, September 2011, Backpacks: A 'Weighty' Issue (PDF)

Issue 120, August 2011, Call for Lessons Learned (PDF)

Issue 119, July 2011, Making a Move with Ergonomics in Mind (PDF)

Issue 118, June 2011, OSHA Record-Keeping Rule (PDF)

Issue 117, May 2011, OSHA Photo Contest: Safe Workplaces for Everyone (PDF)

Issue 116, May 2011, More Bang for the Buck: An Ergonomics Improvement Also Provides Improved Fall Protection (PDF)

Issue 115, April 2011, The Pros and Cons of a Sit-Stand Workstation (PDF)

Issue 114, March 2011, Ergonomics: A Key Part of the Industrial Hygiene Survey Process (PDF)

Issue 113, February 2011, Navy Best Practices: A Tight Ship (PDF)

Issue 112, January 2011, Fleet Readiness Center East Moves an AV8 Wing (PDF)


Issue 111, November 2010, Sierra Army Depot Ergonomic Truck Inspection (PDF)

Issue 110, October 2010, Sierra Army Depot Palletized Loading System, Part 2: The Ladder (PDF)

Issue 109, October 2010, DoD Ergonomics Working Group (PDF)

Issue 108, September 2010, Sierra Army Depot Palletized Loading System, Part 1: The Handle (PDF)

Issue 107, August 2010, The Cost of Proper Office Ergonomics: Making Adjustments at Fleet Readiness Center East (PDF)

Issue 106, July 2010, Naval Safety Center Success Story: (PDF)

Issue 105, June 2010, The Stretching Debate: A New USAPHC (Provisional) Fact Sheet (PDF)

Issue 104, May 2010, Hydraulic Work Stand: Just the Right Height (PDF)

Issue 103, April 2010, It's a should know the pros and cons of team lifting. (PDF)

Issue 102, March 2010, New Dental Chairs Offer Potential 200% Return on Investment (PDF)

Issue 101, February 2010, Ergo News Indexes Available (PDF)

Issue 100, January 2010, The Army Ergonomics Program Announces a New Addition to Their Website: Safe Patient Handling (PDF)


Issue 99, November 2009, Shop Ergonomics: Two Successful Interventions (PDF)

Issue 98, October 2009, Guidance for Users of Anti-Vibration Gloves (PDF)

Issue 97, October 2009, October is National Ergonomics Month: Send Us Your Ergonomics Success Stories (PDF)

Issue 96, September 2009, Embracing Vendor Relationships to Improve Quality (PDF)

Issue 95, August 2009,The Navy Ergonomics Team has a new information flyer on dual monitor use! (PDF)

Issue 94, July 2009, It's a fact...a well-designed and properly positioned keyboard tray can improve your workstation set-up (PDF)

Issue 93, June 2009, Ergonomics Guide for Welders (PDF)

Issue 92, May 2009, Safe Patient-Handling Programs Benefit Everyone (PDF)

Issue 91, April 2009, Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo 2009 (PDF)

Issue 90, March 2009, Applying Potting Compound: The Right Tool Can Make the Difference (PDF)

Issue 89, February 2009, What's New with CAP: Disability Employment Innovation Days (PDF)

Issue 88, February 2009, Computer-Based Training Update: How to Enroll In and Take the DoD Ergonomics Awareness Course (PDF)

Issue 87, January 2009, 2009 News: Army and Navy Training, the Applied Ergonomics Conference, and the Human Engineering and Ergonomic Risk Analysis Process (PDF)

Issue 86, January 2009, Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo 2009, March 23-26, 2009, Reno, Nevada (PDF)


Issue 85, December 2008, It's a fact...An exercise ball should be used for exercise and not as a desk chair (PDF)

Issue 84, November 2008, Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo 2009, Ergonomics: The DoD Perspective (PDF)

Issue 83, October 2008, To Celebrate National Ergonomics Month: It's a fact...All of our fact sheets have been updated (PDF)

Issue 82, September 2008, Return on Investment: The Economics of Ergonomics (PDF)

Issue 81, July 2008, Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo 2009, March 23-26, 2009, Reno, Nevada (PDF)

Issue 80, June 2008, Ft. Lewis, Washington, Best Practice: A Step Above the Rest (PDF)

Issue 79, May 2008, Computer-Based Training: Ergonomics Awareness Module (PDF)

Issue 78, April 2008, Applied Ergonomics Conference & Expo: Ergo Cup Competition (PDF)

Issue 77, March 2008, Virtues and Vices of Handheld Devices (PDF)

Issue 76, February 2008, A Few Slots are Still Available! Applied Ergonomics Course, 25-28 March 2008, Myrtle Beach, SC (PDF)

Issue 75, February 2008, Navy Ergonomics Risk Assessments: Lessons Learned (PDF)

Issue 74, February 2008, Advanced Ergonomics Course: 16-17 April - Edgewood, Maryland (PDF)

Issue 73, January 2008, Ergonomics in '08 (PDF)


Issue 72, December 2007, Psychosocial Factors and Musculoskeletal Disorders (PDF)

Issue 71, November 2007, Ergonomic Risk Assessment at Army & Air Force Exchange Distribution Centers: Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations (PDF)

Issue 70, October 2007, Advanced Ergonomics Course, 16-17 April 2008, Edgewood, Maryland (PDF)

Issue 69, October 2007, October is National Ergonomics Month: To Celebrate, the EWG Website has been Updated (PDF)

Issue 68, September 2007, New Electronic Poster: Deliver with Care Ergonomic Advice for Pregnancy (PDF)

Issue 67, August 2007, Guidelines for Office Chair Selection (PDF)

Issue 66, July 2007, New Computer Workstation Posters Available Free of Charge (PDF)

Issue 65, June 2007, Naval Hospital Operating Room: An Ergonomic & Safety Success Story (PDF)

Issue 64, May 2007, Ergonomic Protection for Expectant Mothers: A Physiological Perspective (PDF)

Issue 63, April 2007, Showcasing Success: Ergonomic Interventions at the Fleet Readiness Center East (PDF)

Issue 62, March 2007, Take Advantage of CAP's Services - Real Solutions for Real Needs (PDF)

Issue 61, February 2007, Assistive Technology Day with Audio Conferencing Available (PDF)

Issue 60, February 2007, Ergonomics Training 2007 Air Force - Army - Navy (PDF)

Issue 59, January 2007, At the Defense Energy Support Center, Office Ergonomics is a #1 Priority (PDF)


Issue 58, October 2006, Observing Ergonomics Month...All Year Round (PDF)

Issue 57, September 2006, The U.S. Army Ergonomics Program Has a New Website (PDF)

Issue 56, September 2006, Get Ready - October is Ergonomics Month (PDF)

Issue 55, August 2006, Hand-Arm Vibration Threshold Limits (PDF)

Issue 54, July 2006, USACHPPM Call for Ergonomics Program Policies & SOPs (PDF)

Issue 53, June 2006, Working Smarter Together: Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (PDF)

Issue 52, May 2006, Reducing Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses at Army & Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) Distribution Centers (PDF)

Issue 51, April 2006, 60,000 Ergonomic Challenges in One Place (PDF)

Issue 50, March 2006, Navy Success Story: Propeller Repair (PDF)

Issue 49, February 2006, AFIOH Assessment of Handheld Laser De-Paint System (PDF)

Issue 48, February 2006, The Navy Environmental Health Center Presents: 45th Navy Occupational Health and Preventive Medicine Workshop (PDF)

Issue 47, January 2006, Ergonomics Training 2006 (PDF)

Issue 46, January 2006, Meet the DoD Ergonomics Working Group's new chair and USACHPPM's new Ergonomics Program Manager: LTC Myrna Callison (PDF)


Issue 45, December 2005, USACHPPM Ergonomics Program: Assessment Services (PDF)

Issue 44, November 2005, Vibration Exposure Calculators Available Online! (PDF)

Issue 43, September 2005, (PDF)

Issue 42, August 2005, Taking a Bite Out of Work-Related Injuries: A Guide for Dental Care Providers (PDF)

Issue 41, March 2005, Advanced Ergonomics Course (PDF)

Issue 40, January 2005, International News: Downsizing and Absenteeism (PDF)

Issue 39, January 2005, Back Belts: No (PDF)


Issue 38, October 2004, Spotlight on Robins AFB: Wheel and Tire Shop Ergonomics Success (PDF)

Issue 37, October 2004, Spotlight on Fort Bragg: Quick Response to Ergonomics Assessment (PDF)

Issue 36, September 2004, New Fact Sheets Address Hot Topics (PDF)

Issue 35, September 2004, Ergo Studies and Assessment Reports - A Wealth of Information (PDF)

Issue 34, August 2004, The Air Force Zeroes in on the Top Causes of Lost Workday Injuries (PDF)

Issue 33, June 2004, EWG Web Site Unveiled (PDF)

Issue 32, May 2004, Time to Make a Change: Creating a New Culture in Your Organization (PDF)

Issue 31, May 2004, CAP's Healthy Work Practices Program - Making an Ergonomic Difference (PDF)

Issue 30, April 2004, DoD Military Injury Lost Duty Time Application: System Overview (PDF)

Issue 29, March 2004, How Does Overtime Impact Workers? (PDF)

Issue 28, January 2004, The Navy Environmental Health Center Presents: 43rd Navy Occupational Health and Preventive Medicine Workshop (PDF)

Issue 27, January 2004, President Bush Reinforces Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld's Call to Reduce Injuries by 50% (PDF)


Issue 26, November 2003, Ergonomic Solutions: Sharing Best Practices (PDF)

Issue 25, September 2003, You've Seen Secretary Rumsfeld's Challenge: Reduce Preventable Accidents by 50% in Two Years (PDF)

Issue 24, July 2003, Prestigious Keynote Speakers for Ergonomics Conference (PDF)

Issue 23, June 2003, Reducing Preventable Accidents: A Challenge from Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (PDF)

Issue 22, May 2003, Ergonomics Conference Agenda, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 11-13 August 2003 (PDF)

Issue 21, March 2003, CALL FOR POSTERS: Annual DoD Ergonomics Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 12-13 August 2003 (PDF)

Issue 20, February 2003, ERGO FAQ: Do alternative ( (PDF)

Issue 19, February 2003, ERGO FAQ: Should my office chair have a base with four or five legs? (PDF)

Issue 18, January 2003, Annual DoD Ergonomics Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 12-13 August 2003 (PDF)

Issue 17, January 2003, CHPPM Ergonomics Program: Getting a Handle on Patient Handling (PDF)

Issue 16, January 2003, ERGO FAQ: Should I choose an (PDF)


Issue 15, November 2002, New Poster - Time to Take a Computer Break (PDF)

Issue 14, November 2002, ERGO FAQ: Are LCD Monitors (PDF)

Issue 13, October 2002, Ergo On the Go: Safety Tips for Laptop Computer Use (PDF)

Issue 12, August 2002, NIOSH Back Belt Studies Support DoD Policy Position (PDF)

Issue 11, August 2002, Anniston Hand Tools Study (PDF)

Issue 10, June 2002, Still Available - Free Scanners for Ergo Surveys (PDF)

Issue 9, June 2002, CHPPM Ergonomics Program - Patient Handling Study (PDF)

Issue 8, May 2002, Army Ergonomics Program (PDF)

Issue 7, May 2002, DoD Ergonomics Conference a Responding Success, 29-30 April 2002 (PDF)

Issue 6, April 2002, Free Scanners for Ergo Surveys (PDF)

Issue 5, April 2002, Rucksack Packing and Fitting Tips: Packing for Performance (PDF)

Issue 4, March 2002, Ergonomics Fact Sheets (PDF)

Issue 3, March 2002, Co-Keynote Speaker for the 2nd Annual Ergonomics Conference, Margaret M. Seminario, Director of Occupational Safety and Health, AFL-CIO (PDF)

Issue 2, February 2002, Keynote Speaker for 2nd Annual Ergonomics Conference, Gary L. Visscher, OSHA Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDF)

Issue 1, January 2002, Forging Ahead: Preventing Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders, Westfields Marriott, Chantilly, Virginia, 29-30 April 2002 (PDF)

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