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The DoD Industrial Hygiene Working Group conducted its 13th annual forum on the Web from 19 November 2012 through 31 January 2013.Thank you to the hundreds of participants who logged in and learned!


Our first Webinar allowed participants to “pick and choose” from five modules, acquiring contact hours for each session:

• The Washington “Buzz”

• Safety and Occupational Health Management Systems

• Professional Ethics

• Introduction to Bayesian Decision Analysis

• Hazard Banding and Qualitative Risk Assessment to Manage Exposures


Presentations ran the gamut from the effect of the fiscal cliff on industrial hygiene to a technique for assessing the risk of a chemical with no occupational exposure limit. There was literally something for everyone.


Although the forum ended in January, if you would like to take any or all of the five modules, we can make it happen. Please click here to contact the forum facilitator.


Building on this success, our working group is meeting to plan our second forum webinar. Stay tuned for details!

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