DoD Industrial Hygiene Forum 2000

First Annual DoD Industrial Hygiene Forum
Orlando, Florida
22 May 2000

Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Defense Logistics Agency Concerns Presented at the Defense Occupational Health Planning (DOHP) Workshop

Mr. Dan Reinhard, U.S. Navy (PDF)

LCDR Dawn Blackmon, Marine Corps (PDF)

Colonel Mark Hamilton, U.S. Air Force (PDF)

LTC Al Sheaffer, U.S. Army (PDF)

Progress Report on Top Industrial Hygiene Issues from DOHP Workshop

Lt Col Isaac Atkins, U.S. Air Force (PDF)

DOD Industrial Hygiene Working Group Initiatives

Ms. Donna Doganiero, U.S. Army (PDF)

The Defense Occpational and Environmental Health Readiness System (DOEHRS) and Industrial Hygiene

MAJ Alex Ornstein and Mr. Jeffrey McClaflin, U.S. Army and Mr. John Seibert, Logistics Management Institute (PDF)

DOD Ergonomics Best Practices Conference 2000 Highlights

LTC Mary Lopez, U.S. Army (PDF)

DOD Role in Federal Regulatory Process for Lead Hazard Management

Ms. Victoria Belfit and Mr. Bryan Nix, U.S. Army and Ms. Brenda Bidwell, U.S. Coast Guard (PDF)

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