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As stewards of the nation's largest inventory of Federally owned or managed historic properties, DoD strives to maintain, promote, and interpret the resources it manages, both to support the mission and to preserve military heritage for future generations. Cultural resources are mission enhancing assets, connecting our fighting men and women with their proud history and traditions. The Department continues to use and maintain some of the nation's most prized cultural properties as an integral part of mission support and readiness.

Under the Office of Secretary of Defense's (OSD) Environmental Management Directorate, the Federal Preservation Office functions as the historic preservation policy entity for all DoD historic properties. In addition, OSD's Legacy Resource Management Program has provided over $55.5 million dollars in financial assistance since 1997, with the aim to protect and enhance cultural resources on DoD lands while supporting military readiness.

The DoD historic property portfolio includes a total of 73 National Historic Landmarks, 694 entries on the National Register for Historic Places, and over 19,000 individual historic properties including over 16,700 known archaeological sites and 3,200 historic buildings. The majority of these resources are managed at the installation level by the Services, working closely with various stakeholders, including Indian tribes, State Historic Preservation Offices, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. This ensures DoD's compliance with applicable Federal laws, Executive Orders, and regulations, while simultaneously supporting the multiple missions of DoD.

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