Laws, Executive Orders and Regulations, DoD Policy, and Guidance


Sustainability and Historic Federal Buildings - ACHP (2011) (PDF)

Integrating the requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act with the requirements of Executive Order 13514: Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance

Commanders Guide to Curation (PPT), Presentation (Legacy 00-107) (PPT)

Commanders Guide to Curation (DOC), Report (Legacy 00-107) (DOC)

Guidelines for the Field Collection of Archaeological Materials and Standard Operating Procedures for Curating Department of Defense Archaeological Collections (PDF), Report (Legacy 98-1714) (PDF)

DoDI 4715.16: Cultural Resources Management (PDF)

This Instruction establishes DoD policy and assigns responsibilities under the authority of DoD Directive (DoDD) 5134.01 (Reference (a)) and in accordance with DoDD 4715.1E (Reference (b)) to comply with applicable Federal statutory and regulatory requirements, Executive orders (E.O.s), and Presidential memorandums for the integrated management of cultural resources on DoD-managed lands.

A Case Study of Coordinated Resource Management Programs at Selected Department of Defense Installations, 1994, B. Dickson, H. Balbach, USACE-CERL (PDF) (PDF)

Geophysical Surveys in Archaeology: Guidance for Surveyors and Sponsors, 2003, L. Somers, M. Hargrave, USACE-CERL (PDF)


Safeguard Missile Training Program Fort Bliss, Texas (PDF)

Public brochure developed on training that occurred on Ft Bliss under the Safeguard Missile Program as part of the mitigation for renovation of missile training building as a battlefield simulation facility.

Tularosa Basin and Coe Ranch, Ft Bliss, TX (PDF)

Public brochure prepared in part to mitigate for Criterion A and B the loss of the Coe Home Ranch due to road straightening on Ft Bliss, TX

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