Defense Environmental Programs Annual Report to Congress-Fiscal Year 2007

The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment) has released the Fiscal Year 2007 Defense Environmental Programs Annual Report to Congress. The report details the accomplishments and progress in DoD's Environmental Programs during FY2007. The Environmental Management Office oversees DoD's conservation, environmental restoration, compliance, and pollution prevention programs.

2007 DEP ARC Cover

Table of Contents (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Executive Summary (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Defense Environmental Programs (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Environmental Management

Appendix A: Environmental Management Systems (PDF)


Appendix B: Environmental Management Budget Overview (PDF)

Appendix C: Conservation Budget Overview (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Appendix D: Restoration Budget Overview (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Appendix E: Compliance Budget Overview (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Appendix F: Pollution Prevention Budget Overview (DEP FY07) (PDF)


Appendix G: Natural Resources (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Appendix H: Cultural Resources (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Appendix I: American Indian and Alaska Natives (PDF)


Appendix J: Active Installations (PDF)

Appendix K: BRAC Installations (PDF)

Appendix L: Formerly Used Defense Sites (PDF)

Appendix M: MMRP Comprehensive Plan Update (PDF)

Appendix N: Installation Narrative Summaries (Intro) (PDF)

Appendix N: Installation Narrative Summaries (PDF)

Appendix O: IRP/MMRP Status Tables (Intro) (PDF)

Table O-1: DERP Summary Table (PDF)

Table O-2: Active, BRAC, and FUDS Summary Table (PDF)

Table O-3: Component Active IRP/MMRP Summary Table (PDF)

Table O-4: Component BRAC IRP/MMRP Summary Table (PDF)

Table O-5: State IRP/MMRP Summary Table (PDF)

Table O-6: Installations with CTC Greater Than $10 Million Summary Table (PDF)

Table O-7: Installations with CTC Less Than or Equal To $10 Million Summary Table (PDF)

Table O-8: All Sites Response Complete Summary Table (PDF)

Table O-9: Installations with PRP Costs Incurred Greater Than $100,000 Summary Table (PDF)

Appendix P: Restoration Advisory Boards (PDF)

Appendix Q: Restoration Partnerships (PDF)

Appendix R: Cost Recovery (PDF)

Appendix S: Sea Disposal of Military Munitions (PDF)


Appendix T: Air Quality (PDF)

Appendix U: Water Quality (PDF)

Appendix V: Enforcement Actions (PDF)

Pollution Prevention

Appendix W: Solid and Hazardous Waste (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Appendix X: Green Procurement (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Appendix Y: Toxics Release Inventory (DEP FY07) (PDF)

Appendix Z: Ozone Depleting Substances (PDF)


References and Index (DEP FY07) (PDF)

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